Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Steps to a Better World

In student government, I have been called on occasion "Captain Planet." It's true, I love green things, and want the world to be as environmentally friendly as possible (though when I originally tried to join ASG, that wasn't particularly on my mind.) None the less, is this cool or is this cool!

A solar-powered wireless keyboard! It runs off of both solar and ambient lightbulb light! Fully charged, it can operate in complete darkness for 3 months! Less than a third of an inch thick, it doesn't even include paper instructions to be greener. (Not that I'd use them anyway.) At a wince-inducing cost of $79.99, it's not exactly the kind of fun extra spending I can do right now, but something to keep in mind next birthday/Christmas/lottery winning.

Song of the Day: "Him" by Lily Allen. So a few weeks ago Sarah mentioned I didn't have any Lily Allen on my iPod, so I remedied that situation and gotta say - she has alot more good songs than I'd expected! Well this one is about "capital H- I- M-" as Lady Gaga would say. It's an interesting song about what people might think God would be like if you walked into him on the street.

The lyrics I find most interesting:
"Ever since he can remember
people have died in his good name  

Long before that September 
long before hijacking planes 
He's lost the will he can't decide  
He doesn't know who's right or wrong
But there's one thing that he's sure of:
This has been going on too long..."

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