Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 Restaurants in NYC

Haha, so broken-Sarah and I are watching Top Chef (again!) this time Top Chef: All Stars. And my favorite character (Marcel) is back! He got cheated out of winning Season 2 (which we were watching the other day in a marathon. I've noticed Cable is nothing but marathons...) But he was, according to Wikipedia, offered a SyFy channel cooking show? Anyway...

Bahahaha, I couldn't help but make this comparison cause it kept jumping out at me when I was watching the show the other day. Low and behold, I'm not the only one who's thought this before! Bravo's seen the resemblance (or at least noted it) and so did other people, whom I stole elements of the above pic from.

Anyway... This challenge is about going to famous awesome restaurants in New York City, then creating a dish the restaurant's owner would want to put on their menu. So I'm googling all the restaurants so that next time I go to NYC I can go to them, regardless of how expensive they are.

Má Pêche

The first restaurant: David Chang's French-Vietnamese Má Pêche inside Midtown’s Chambers Hotel. "The menu changes everyday!" So I guess I'll have to use the menu when I go there. But the Chicken fried steak sounds good, but I would want to try mussels prepared by a place this awesome. Can't really find prices or recipes in their website like the other restaurants, but I would be interested in trying some breakfast foods here or their Cubed omelet. The New York Times suggests that this - the newest of Chang's chain of restaurants, is the most spacious and the only one that really offers creature comforts enough to allow for conversation even. These restaurants just remind me why I would never want to *Live* in New York City. This review takes note of the unusual giant-cross shaped table, and counts it as a negative...


Next up, David Burke's "Townhouse." This restaurants website is really cool, has painted images of some of their dishes online, a detailed menu, and a bunch of recipes! I would prepare this crackling pork shank with apple firecracker sauce if it didn't take 48 hours to prepare.

Didn't find any interesting interior shots that didn't look like octopus

Third, I think "Marea" was an Italian-Seafood restaurant. Eh, dunno what I have to look forward to at a restaurant many sites are calling primarily "seafood place." Eh, I don't think I'm going to find much here. In fact, this may get cut from my list with what sites are saying about the unusually high prices even for a fancy NY restaurant. The New Yorker says it seems to have missed the memo about the recession. With high prices, gross food (IMO) I suppose if we do go it'll be for the ambiance of 240 Central Park South...

Quote of the Day: "Shut the Front Door!" (phrase to denote surprise or shock.) Haha, if you've seen Patsy's Facebook you'll know I was watching "What Not To Wear" the other night. Those two (Clinton and Stacey I think?) had some strange phrases that Mom would be proud of. The other was "You look beautiful, like a tall glass of water!" Wtf?! Then later that phrase was used on ANOTHER show (I don't remember which.)

Website of the Day: Topless Robot's list of Top Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes you won't find on DVD. AKA: Best episodes to download without fear of ruining a future DVD release. Not that I would ever download content illegally.

Song of the Day: "Grenade" by Bruno Mars. I like this song alot, but the music video is dumb. It's about how a guy would do anything for a girl when he's in love, a sentiment I can completely relate to. Even "catch a grenade for [her]."

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Patsy said...

the second place looks a lot like i want my future home decorated.

PS-I want to go to NYC. I'm going to apply to schools there, so if i do, we can go there together and while I interview, you eat.