Saturday, December 31, 2011


My first night in my new bed! :D So comfortable up here. First of all, my new bed is like crazy tall -- which is what I wanted, lol. I feel like I'm looking down on my kingdom from up here! But went to bed watching Kill Bill last night, and was able to go to bed before 11:00! And now I was up before 9:00! And got a full night's sleep! On my way to being prepared for Student Teaching n.n

But I wanted to log the crazy dreams I had. I've found when I get appropriate hours of sleep at the right time, I tend to have more interesting dreams I can remember easier.

The first of which had me and Hermione, Potter and Ron flying around on broomsticks around Hogwarts. Only Hogwarts was in Las Vegas. And for some reason we had to land early in the morning in the rain, and we were walking through the suburbs trying to find our way back and Hermione finds an abandoned house (not unlike the abandoned house I found for realz on my way to Noisy Oyster last night) and I said something like "Do you know for sure a witch lives here? Maybe they have floo powder!" But I remember thinking "Darn these heroes, they probably have to lead some adventure, when I really just want to explore these houses, but that probably doesn't fit into the plot..."

We continue onward, and navigate through rocky Nelsons Ledges place -- filled with ridiculous Harry Potter-y animals. There was a poisonous "origami frog" which looked like it was made of paper. And white stick-bugs that came in a box with a mirror? And some kind of beaded or paper owl that also looked strange. Eventually we get through, after I ask several times "Wait, the paper frog is poisonous?" so as to make sure I don't touch it.

But then, plot shift, and I'm walking across campus on the first day of school. And I run into my old supervisor, and say hi, after making some joke about "Wow! This campus sure is inviting..." but the campus is filled with freshman so I say you're probably busy and go off. But then a dorm looks like my condo, where there's an unopened scale in the middle of the dining room. I open it, weigh myself, and it jumps around 115-120 (I do NOT weigh anywhere near that, haha) then my cousin comes down the stairs and is not really mad but acknowledges that I opened her scale (note: I got mom a scale for Christmas. This is my first noteworthy dream SINCE Christmas, when I last saw my cousin.)

The end. What a weird dream!

So, to round out the blog, let me say that yesterday my new bed came! n.n and I love it, but Amanda reminded me the day before yesterday I still needed to buy sheets and stuff for the Queen size. So yesterday afternoon after grabbing Oysters with Jen (I wouldn't recommend it) I ran to Target, and wouldn't cha know, they had the EXACT bedset I'd been looking for for weeks! I found it ON the day I needed to sleep in the bed, but haven't until now. And it was Target-afordable rather than like, ridiculously expensive at Bed Bath and Beyonce. How lucky!

Alright, so I remembered wrong -- in my head I remembered black and gray.
But that's okay, I found what I wanted anyway.
(Yes, my inspiration for my bed set was Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.)

Quote of the Day: I don't remember the exact wording, but Jen commented on how our mealtime discussion often "consists of constant wordplay instead of actual conversation."

Song of the Day: "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida. Well, the video is just Flo Rida (of "Right Round"-fame, having discovered Ke$ha) running around France, and then Europe in general (probably on tour), at one point running into Snoop Dog and falling into the Mediterranean. Playing with his iPad, and riding the Tron motorcycle (?) "Good Feeling" seems to be about really straightforward "sometimes he gets a good feeling" and sometimes he's happy, and sometimes things just go well and he's having a good time. That's it. Not really something to think too deeply into I guess, but sounds like a great song for New Years Eve!

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