Monday, December 19, 2011

Season Preview: Return to New York

Alright, my 30 Rock obsession week is almost over, but I have been thinking of a way to return to New York city for months. Amanda has even pointed out it's been too long since this show has gone on a road trip, and last time I went to New York I definitly didn't get to hit everything I wanted. So this time, I think I'll plan ahead a little bit better. And now that the Roosevelts are not a major target of my trip, I can try harder to find a hotel in Manhattan.

  1. 30 Rock & NBC Universal Store: Ha, I had the opportunity to see this place up close last time but time was short and interest was less than it is now -- definitely taking the opportunity to go back there and find some 30 Rock paraphernalia!! Maybe an NBC page will give me a tour like Kenneth does! :D
  2. F.A.O. Schwarz: So I'm watching this travel channel thing about Christmas in New York, and they went to the oldest toy store in America! I first heard of this place during an SNL skit actually, and it turns out it's pretty awesome. They have a concierge!? A bunch of "toy demonstrator" who play with the toys to show you how cool they are (a trained Rubik's cube completer, and a guy flinging around a lightsaber.)
  3. Filming of a New York TV Show: The Daily Show? Saturday Night Live?! Who Want's to be a Millionaire?! The People's Court!? Man, it would be outstanding to catch a live taping of a TV show!!! I could totally be a behaved audience person, lol.
  4. Broadway Show: Mary Poppins, and anything Angela Lansbury is in are by far my top two interests.
  5. Grand Central Station
  6. Museum of Modern Art (MOMA):
  7. A Cool New York Restaurant: When I got to NYC last time, I did not plan food out at all - and the first meal was "whatever pizza place I could find." Which was itself a different experience. But I'd like to go to some renowned, famous restaurant!
  8. And finally, most generically: New York Shopping! New York has like, the largest concentration of people in the country -- surely there is some interesting guy's fashion options available.
Lets see, I've seen the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center site, Times Square, Central Park, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt's houses. I think that's most of the glitzy NYC landmarks.

Video of the Day: Hahahaha, 30 Rock week is almost at an end - but I've still got time to post some quotes and videos.

Quote of the Day: " better clothes." (From video above) Haha, that reminds me of how I talk to Patsy. That is from Season 3, Episode 15: "The Bubble."

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