Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break, Part 2: Theodore's House

Sorry this is so late, I've been sooo busy this past week. Census Bureau training, family emergencies, *sigh* it's just been non-stop sleeplessness all week long. Well, I gotta be ready for class in an hour and I still have to FIND two of the homework sheets that are due today (in Japanese.) So what better time to blog about something. Like the fact I had a dream about Veronica Mars last night, where I was in some kind of small town with an abandoned factory but some people still lived there, and I got stuck in some kind of network of crawlspaces and smoke stacks. I don't remember how they connected, but Veronica Mars was eavesdropping on a rich kid who's family owned it or something and fell on the ground... I don't remember any of this context. And there was a bus I had to run for, for a field trip somewhere.

But as for the New York Trip: So our first stop Friday morning (after getting into New York through crazy traffic on Thursday night, and finding an awesome hotel with a creepy Asian lady) was Theodore Roosevelt's house in Oyster Bay, NY -- "Sagamore Hills."

We weren't allowed pictures inside, lame. But the house was awesome! Teddy's study had a bunch of pictures of presidents on the walls, and my room has pictures of the Presidents on the walls n.n, and he had a rhino foot inkwell, and an elephant foot wastebasket. His whole library was pretty ridiculous, and the whole house was filled with animals heads mounted on the wall. I remember telling Sarah "This is what I want my house to look like! Without the animal parts." Teddy owned like 6,000 books in that house. And he had another private-er study, with a triangular bookshelf that took up a whole huge wall in the "Gun Room." Where his sons could only go when they misbehaved or were putting their guns away.

Haha, this is awesome: Sagamore Hills' Twitter. Following THAT! One of my favorite parts about this part of the trip was Sarah actually seemed at least moderately interested in stuff. I mean, even I was only to a degree entertained - it was a museum-like place afterall.

Since Teddy's grave was so close, felt I should go visit it. This makes Teddy's gravesite the 4th-ish Presidential Grave Site (probably forgetting something) I've seen, after McKinley in Canton, Fillmore in Buffalo, and Jackson in Nashville. But ya'll know Teddy's my favorite...

Here's Sarah looking all deep.

Yeah, this one (blog) was short -- but I'll get to the rest later! I swear we did have adventures in New York I just want to do them justice.

Song of the Day: "I Saw it on Your Keyboard" by Hellogoodbye. Just downloaded all of Hellogoodbye's one CD (Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!) and trying to determine my favorite songs. Not sure what this songs is about yet. Arr, I can't put/access music on my external harddrive cause I lost the stupid power cord.

Video of the Day: Telephone parody, by "Key of AWESOME!!!" Haha, the lyrics of this are hilarious.

"P-p-p-p-p-p-p-product placement! I've got deadbodies in the b-b-b-bastement."

Beyonce: "I just wanna do a simple show with dancin. You used to be a Diva now you're Marilyn Manson..."

"Somebody help me cause I don't wanna sing anymore! She's got a gun to my head on the dancefloor!" "Rubadubdub, three nuns in a tub, and their doin it with a garden gnome." "Don't beat me up, but I have to ask what, does it have to do with a telephone?"
Haha, I love it - and all the lyrics kinda make good points about the video.

Quote of the Day:
"So he was pretty impulsive right?" - Tourist Man
"No, I wouldn't say that, he just liked to make decisions in a timely manner." - National Parks Tourguide
"Right. So he was pretty fool-hardy about what he wanted."
"Not exactly, but he wanted his policies to do what they were intended to do."
"Ah, so he was lucky then?"
"No, more like He made good choices, based on little information."

-Annoying Tourist and National Parks Ranger Tourguide of Teddy's house. UGH, the people on that tour kept asking stupid awkward questions, and trying to find large all-encompassing things to say. Was it so hard to understand the situation was more intricate than that!? Ugh, but that last line I LOVE! Because people are always telling me how lucky I am, and I feel like that line covers it better. "He makes good choices, based on little information." - Tourguide man.

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