Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Break plans

Hello Internet, and good morning. Wow, I gotta say Christmas break kinda sprung up on me faster than I was expecting -- I don't quite have it down packed what I need to take care of yet. It's like there are these non-corporeal ideas floating around that eventually condensate into actual plans. All I do know is thank god Finals are over! Two huge papers (11 and 12 pages) both due yesterday. Well, more accurately, one due Tuesday one due Yesterday at 6. I ended up turning them both in Yesterday because neither professor knows how to work Springboard. :/ procrastination, it's a problem.

But for realz: immediate future, buy my new Queen size mattress for my new queen size bed frame which looks awesome. (Right now I'm sleeping on my old mattress next to it... I didn't imagine buying a mattress would take this long for some weird reason.) Today, get in contact with student teaching supervisor about maybe sitting in on their class next week. Then I have a bajillion Circle K things to take care of now that the Treasurer and Secretary are resigning.

But good things will happen to. I have the Mayor's retirement party, Mayor D.'s swearing in is just around the corner, there is of course Christmas and New Years -- both of which I have to get down to planning. And as I found out yesterday while procrastinating my papers, I really want to watch more 30 Rock this break - haha, under appreciated show!

Also a road trip to Steubenville to visit with some ASG friends is on the table.

Video of the Day: Haha, avoiding finals recently I was playing with my Harry Potter replica wand -- and googled what people had done CGI-ically with these. This video I found particularly impressive!!!

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