Monday, December 5, 2011

The Power of One

Song of the Day: Okay, I can't handle this: Herman Cain, a Republican presidential candidate (and former Pizza place-business man) has had a history of political gaffes, while at the same time being the front runner briefly (which basically describes every candidate in the Republican field this year...)

But it turns out that Mr. Cain had quoted a "poet" in one of the Republican debates that I haven't paid any attention to, and that poet was in fact Donna Summer. And by "poetry", he really meant a song she wrote for the movie Pokemon 2000 (the only place that song has ever been played.) Mr. Cain later admitted he got the quote from Pokemon. (Another youtube video here.)

WTF. Anyway, not remembering the song, I went to listen to it -- it's actually fairly unbearable. After like 6 seconds I can't stand any more of it at all whatsoever, but by all means, give it a try:

Oh wait, did I mention that Herman Cain dropped out of the race recently?

Quote of the day: Haha, found this as a comment on the youtube video...
"Cain used Pokémon song... but it failed!
Candidacy fled!"

Picture of the Day: Haha, while googling around and looking for new clothes as I so love to do, I found this on a new mens fashion blog I came across:

AAAhahahhahahaa! I see that shirt I wanted 2 and a half years ago is still in style!!!

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