Monday, February 23, 2009

DCON Weekend!

So, before I go into my weekend and DCON, can I just say...

THIS SHIRT IS EXCELLENT!Final item on my birthday list guys! This is right now my favorite shirt in the world, and I can't even remember where I saw it, I just laughed and copy and pasted it and didn't save the site.

But moving on: YAY UNIVERSITY OF AKRON CIRCLE K CLUB! We came back with an astonishing 14 awards this year (granted some of these were honorable mentions, but I'm gonna say that counts as an award.) Including my own Honorable Mention for "Quality Club Member."

Just, so many things happened this weekend to blog about everything. There was the ride down, where me kayla and patsy listened to NOW cd's and my music from the 90s/early 2000s. Then the magic show, and shopping, house of delegates, asians in the mall and cops on segways. So, so many things. And so many quotes I can't even remember all of them - but in the TV show that is my life, this is definitly on the top 3 favorite episodes of most of my fans I bet. Cause it was hilarious. I'm so glad my show is a dramedy and not a cop show o.o

Quote of the Day:

*blank stare and silence; suddenly perks up really happy* "OH MY GOD! PEOPLE FROM PARMA Should be called Parmesians!" - Andrew, at OSU

(I'm really disapointed I couldn't think of any quotes from DCON to put on here! :( )

Things people looked like this weekend: Amy Winehouse, Jabba the Hut, a Frog, Sam from Lord of the Rings and Radar from M*A*S*H*.

Song of the Day: "Single Ladies", Beyonce. Just because its been stuck in my head all day, even though this may have been the song of the day already. I don't know if I've ever made a rule about not having the same song twice, though I've consciously tried not to. Also, because apparently Hugh Jackman danced to this song at the Oscars last night - lol.

Entertaining Link of the Day, (Unrelated to DCON) : Comic Coverage: World's Coolest Government Logo.The new secret police of Russia are apparently trying DESPERATELY to look like the council of badguys from a generic 60's superhero cartoon - lol.

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