Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pause. Japanese break.

For some reason, something last Saturday sparked my Pokemon senses. Which was quickly followed by my reading almost the entire website of "PokeMemes" a wonderful place with jokes that often only hardcore pokefanatics will understand.

That was quickly followed by the fact that I had two big papers to write, which of course meant Distraction via Pokemon time! I through this together, and used it as a scale by which to define how much my friends really were my friends, lol. It was as easy as download emulator, screen cap, and find the Pokemon font. I'm tempted to make a bunch of them.

But anyway. Lol, I'm too busy to let pokemon take over my life right now, funny though the site may be - and I'm never opposed to finding a reason to keep pokemon alive in our hearts and minds! Like these Bento boxes, a japanese art form of doing something cute (big surprise, I know) with your kid's school lunch box!

Who's that Pokemon?

It's Oddish!
Who's that Pokemon?

It's Snorlax, with a side of Dugtrio.
and then you have some that are entertaining even though they aren't Pokemon....

This looks delicous until I realize that whipped cream is actually cauliflower.
Major AWWWWz!

As Patsy often says, I wish I were Asian, everything they do is just so cute! Well anyway, soon I will be starting my maddening weekend of busy. Even though finals are far from my mind, my social calendar is packed with Birthday parties, Dem events, and Kiwanis things. Little rest until Sunday! But how I love it.

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