Sunday, January 1, 2012

I- I- I- I work out!

Happy New Year! Well, my new year's celebration was ridiculous - and was also likely attended by anyone who would read this blog and actually care about what I did. But on the off chance otherwise, Patsy, Jen, Panda and I had a blast down in the valley getting Otani's Hibachi and then partying it up all night. More funny quotes than I can remember were said, and at the end of the night we had a rather odd experience getting a taxi home. But we all made it back in once piece, that's pretty important!

Well, today was Craft Day part 2, where we all come over my house and do crafts! (Like a play date. For camp counselors and old ladies.) During which I worked on my family album, which I would really like to make actual progress on sometime... oh wellz. But it reminded me of a few things from my Dad's adventures that I have always wanted to search for on the goo-goo.

In the 70s, my dad went out to live on his own in California because he wanted to be a professional body builder. So he went to the guy everyone went to in those days, one Vince Gironda (other link) (third link), and ended up meeting Arnold Swartzenegger and Erik Estrada on more than one occasion!

Dad worked at and/or trained at Vince's Gym.
Dad eventually moved back to Ohio in the 80s. (I'm being as intentionally vague as I can so that creepers don't steal our identities through my blog!) But I've always wanted to delve into those details, more so than letters from my uncle in the scrap book do, but haven't gotten around to it yet. But the idea that my dad was brave and determined enough to be able to just randomly move to California and make it on his own, however briefly, is pretty inspiring. A positive message, I think, for the new year!

Happy Twenty Dozen everyone!

Quotes of the Day: Both refer to Panda, lol. We were at the bar discussing a friend of Jen's that got married and was uncomfortable around a balloon shaped like the male genitalia. Panda was quite comfortable screaming:
"Have fun being married! There's LOTS OF PENIS!"
Lol. I'm glad I tweeted that, I may have forgotten otherwise. Also: Patsy's new joke (not necessarily insulting Panda) but about her funny temper is that when Amanda was young, she always yelled and swore about things not being useful. (You have to hear it to understand.) Well we were joking about the story of how I met her, and Patsy faux-quoted:
"Who needs fuckin teeth anyway?! Who needs to chew!?"

xD I still find this hilarious.

Picture of the Day: Panda sent me this, and it made me crack up out loud.

Video of the Day: I know, with these links I'm makin ya work today, but this one won't embed and the picture is funnier with the shock of opening it in a new link. Cute Puppy Gets New Water Bowl. My next blog may be about what I want to name pets.

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