Monday, September 28, 2009


Hello internet. Not much happening today, had a light day as most Mondays - after classes went back to Garf to pick up a few things (like my Presidential Seal M&Ms, West Wing DVDs, The Great Gatsby, a Seal of the State of Ohio, and an ironing board among other things. David bought an iPod touch with his own earned money from work! >/ I am not happy. This whole "getting an education" thing is suddenly seeming annoying.

But before my day went a tad bit sourer, this morning I woke up and while wandering the internet found THIS awesome website that produced the following pictures:

Omg, that's so awesome! Lol, its Barack Obama's inauguration - in LEGO's! Also among pictures I found while wandering today, behind the scenes images from Heroes:

Elle, from the episode she's killed in. The funny caption for this image is "Dear Diary, its been one of Those days..."

OH! And can I just disclaim my disagreement with the decision to move Heroes, who's writing has been going downhill anyway, to Monday's at 8 rather than 9, making it harder for us to all get together to watch it!? ARrr. Anyway, tomorrows another light day and then a Circle K meeting, so hopefully it will go well.

Song of the Day: "Fucked Up Kid" by Mest. (Lyrics) Got this off one of the CD's Amanda burned for me I think.

"Fucked up visions in my head
I'm a f**ked up kid is what they said

But at least I know all the things that I want
And it's all, the things, I got..."

Distinctively Entertaining Video of the Day: Facebook Stalking by Parents, found by Sarah. lol, love it - DEF the reason I don't want adults on Facebook!

Quote of the Day:

Haha, courtesy of "Ima Let You" - a LOLCatz style site that has recently popped up and made a few news sites, and Amanda W. found and posted on Facebook. Also available, Imma Let You (Two M's).

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