Monday, September 7, 2009

Cleanin out my Closet

Or ya know, my labtop. Happy Labor Day everyone! So I should be doing homework right now. Instead, I'm exploring things on my computer and making ringtones I'd been meaning to get to for some time. So I thought I'd dump a couple interesting things I found on my computer on my blog, so this isn't just a boring retelling of my daily life all the time but occasionally switch it up - like with my Black Eyed Peas survey thing. First up, we have some survey of what bird I was, I think?
Then we've got a collage (incomplete) of Everything about me, I think. Mah interests.

One of my favorite quotes from Silent Hill (this I think was the original one?) Me and Amanda joke about this alot.

I am the fictional head of the "Dep. of Research and Development", and Kayla has at times been mentioned as the head of the Dep of Transportation, here' I've made a logo adding Lodging as well.

Raaandom futuristic city picture I found in my "Pictures" file.

You want random, back when I wanted to run for district treasurer, I realized the last meeting I could get endorsed by the club at was the week I was going to be in Washington D.C. for the Obama inauguration. So I planned to make a video, and put it on youtube, and have Patsy play it before the club. Unfortunately, I did not have internet in D.C., also I was a million times busier than I expected to be, but all in all it never came to fruition. Still, here's the script! [...] Fail. Darn, don't cha know I can't find it now? I'll post it next time though.

Quote of the Day: So I have these playing cards with the Walgreens logo on the back I got for free from one of Danielle's Relay for Life's. So a group was playing Waterfall/Kings (ugh@name dilemma) and I had to make up a rule, couldn't think of one, so just said "end every sentence with "at Walgreens."" Which turned out to be an AWESOME rule! lol Someone would be "so drunk... at walgreens." "I need to pee... at walgreens." "Who's turn is it at walgreens?" "Fu** my life at walgreens." etc.

Song of the Day: "Got Your Money" by Say Anything, from the album 'Punk Goes Crunk.' Sure in the first twenty seconds they kinda rhyme the same thing with itself, which is annoying. But the rest of it is funny I can get over it pretty quickly. We played this in the car the other day, and Patsy was cracking up at how -once again- ridiculous I am. "If ya wanna look pretty tho, in my video..."

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