Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pic-Spam Dump

So as I have mentioned, I occasionally follow several blogs devoted to following the career of Hillary Clinton (such as All Things Hillary, Secretary Clinton, etc.) And occasionally they post a "pic-spam" which is just bunches and bunches of pics from an event or dinner or something, often with a bunch of pics of Hillary. Well, I like to occasionally post pic spams of random things I find lying around my computer when I'm trying to clean it (metaphorically speaking of course.)

ROFL! Points to Patsy for sending this to me, but I get a kick out of the fact that the first thing Mike thought of when he saw this was me too. Here we have someone's Post Secret card from the popular book series and website, that's updated daily ala` FML:

^Bonus features of my TV show: another look at the Birmingham trip, 2009. See what didn't make Facebook. Here's the Africa room of the Birmingham Art Museum.

^Here's an interesting wee bit of Native American, I think, quotyness.

^Mystery language in a book in the Birmingham Art Museum. I can recognize most languages, and I can't figure this one out at all.

^As part of NBC's "Inside the Obama White House" special story, which actually looks cool - I'll watch those videos later me thinks. This pic caught my eye, a hallway in the residence of the White House with Bo (the dog), and note Hillary Clinton's official First Lady portrait in the background. So at some point Michelle Obama told a decorator, "Okay, I want the Hillary Portrait here..." Can you imagine how odd it would be to have someone you know, and comes over occasionally, 's portrait hanging in your hallway?

^Haha, Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard; Professor X) playing the Nintendo DS on an airplane - lol, wtf. Apparently he's the new ad-spokemen for DS in the UK.

^The rooftops of Akron, as viewed from the top of some building in Fall of 2008. Bigger you can see the effects of the sunset better, its actually really cool! The sprinklers* are on for some reason. (* - Why are there sprinklers on the roof?!)

^The new Obama cabinet photograph. (2009) The most diverse cabinet in history, and rather than in the Cabinet room as most cabinet pics, this one is in the East Room (I think) - with my favorite Teddy portrait in the background! (Hillary, bottom-right-green; Janet Napolitano, Sec of Homeland Security, left Red.)

Song of the Day: "Baby Got Book" - Dan Smith. AHAHAHHAHAHA! Okay, watching this again to get the youtube link I am cracking UP. Jessica G. introduced us to this Christian-version of "Baby Got Back" (the one about big butts - a song I'm not actually personally a fan of.) But the Christian version (about big bibles) is Hil-ARious. My favorite line would definitly be (instead of "makes me so horny") "makes me so Holy." "I'm tired of heathen guys, sayin they like pocket size..." "Amen- double up A- MEn!" AHahahaa, there are so many references I didn't get in this song I love it. Like "Red lettered"? Apparently whatever is the direct word of God is in Red. omg - xD there's just too many references to mention. So moving on.

House Perk of the Day: Haha, living here I got free taco's for dinner. Yay for roommates feeling the need to cook, also their friends feeling the need to cook, etc.

Quotes of the Day:
"Oh Horsefeathers!"
"(Something presumably preposterous) my right eye!" - Jessica's classic catch phrases.

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