Thursday, February 17, 2011

Roller Coaster Wednesday

Well today has had it's ups and downs. At work, working midnight to 6 am trying desperately to stay awake even when I'm full of Redbull and bottled Starbucks.

This is made out of Redbull cans! WOW!
Lets see, stayed up til 2am last night somehow watching Star Wars IV with Sarah. (That was probably not so good a decision, but it was due today.) Woke up for class at like 6am this morning, had "Instructional Techniques" with the awesome bearded teacher; that class was boring. We're doing practice discussions so students can get experience leading a class discussion, even when it goes sour. We have to have 20 minutes of discussion. I talk a lot in that class, haha, sometimes I feel bad but no one else is talking and it's the point of the activity! I'm not going to leave the teacher-student hanging there. Especially when I have a valid opinion that hasn't been voiced yet.

Anyway, one of the problems was that all three group-discussion leaders used the same "Count off and move" method of dividing us into groups. I hate that. I'm going to research alternate methods of doing that now actually.

Anyway, from there Sociology with the crazy teacher who likes to pander to Freshman level humor. Especially in this unit on sexual deviancy. But he did make some interesting notes about people and how they percieve society's expected goals, and expected means of reaching those goals. I guess I'm very conformist; where as David is either a "Rebellionist" or one of the others: he rejects society's values, and also the means of prospering (ie: get a JOB, have dreams, etc.)

Then the fun. Got to have Lunch with Kayla! :D which was nice cause I never get to see her, but she was on campus for something. I was still feeling sick from last night's crazy all-you-can-eat Chicken wings dinner. Ugh. I'm going on chicken fast for the next week. Then had "Science and Technology in World History" class which is always a little interesting. Then ASG office hours, where I'm working on electric car charger legislation and trying to get people to support it which is proving difficult in these economically hard times. But had a couple hours of really interesting debate with various members, beneficial debate rather than the kind that leads to animosity. I really wish I could have been on a Debate team kind of thing in high school. Got a hold of the University budget for 2009, and we're going to start looking for ways to save the University money by cutting things.

If Best Buy can be cool, why can't we...

OH! Another good part of my day was that I got an email about subletting my room. I emailed her back, adn she emailed me back: Turns out it was Rob's friend Amanda that I met through Circle K last year! Haha. Small world. Oh man I wanna move into the Stow house already, though admittedly I'm avoiding mom to a degree after her craziness this weekend.

Well, worked 6-8, then didn't really want to work out because of the whole 4 hours of sleep and working 12-6 thing, and it just didn't really fit into my afternoon. Hoping tomorrow goes better, class and test at 10am, followed by College of Ed meetings until Senate, followed by a CA meeting that goes into the night -- but AT LAST, this CA training thing is PAID! woopwoop.

Song of the Day: "Stereo Love" by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina. This random Romanian techno song somehow made it onto American charts, and I got to admit it's never really grown on me all that much. But other people seem to like it. It's too soothing for me. I honestly can't say I know any of the lyrics, and didn't really know the song's name until just now. Lets take a look at the lyrics and video shall we...

Well I can tell you know the video is boring. It's just a guy and girl walking around what looks like a city I would expect to find in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants very contemplatively. And the lyrics are very typical generic love song, I don't really see this standing out in anyway.

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