Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Haha, I should probably write a blog about my birthday, or Valentine's day, or 'Born This Way', but I'm going to skip those for now and come back to them -- and rather write about the Fergie song Fergalicious! While I was enjoying some light reading recently, I felt the need to check out an early Stacey Ferguson song, while she was a member of a '90s band: "The Wild Orchard" (which sounds like a fruit juice brand....)

Yeah, greatest song ever it isn't. But it did put me in the mood to hear good Fergie: ergo, "Fergalicious."

Again, greatest song ever it isn't. But who among us can say it isn't catchy! Few artists can turn themselves into an adjective quite so well as Fergie. (Though Lady Gaga certainly has succeeded, if you've seen the tweets about Nicki Minaj's Grammys hair.)

Something I've never noticed before: the background dancers in the beginning of the Fergalicious music video? They have cereals painted on their chest. "Trix" is the easiest to make out - another looks like it could be Fruity Pebbles, but it's not the right font, and I can't make out the other two.

My dear friend Patsy does not like this song as much, because she insists on being the reining "dirty girlscout" -- just ask the waitress at Brubaker's!

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Patsy said...

I hate you....and I wonder whose blog inspired you to write about Wild Orchid???