Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Gaga Time

The wait is almost over. The countdown is almost complete. The planning has almost started. Are you ready, for Gaga?

Haha, yes, the Sarah+Brittany Birthday Party Extrava-Gaga-nza is almost here! Party of the season much? I think so. And I have finally figured out what Lady Gaga outfit to make. While googling something completely unrelated today, I found this: Diamond-Lobster Gaga! (I tell you, she's like Barbie -- only better!) White tape over the nipples, translucent paper-y material for the shirt, and a diamond-studded lobster head piece with yellow extensions. This, is perfect.

Is that a chicken foot on her wrist!? Hm, well we'll see about that part. But I also found this one which I thought would be a good back up, because Back Up-Plan B (Duct Tape) is just too homemade costume for me. I like modeling things after direct things, rather than be straight up creative. Is that a jab at my own artistic talents? Perhaps, but creating replicas is an art form too I think.

This coat is awesome. Hilarious. Well, clearly Lady Gaga likes shoes, but if you've seen the music video for Bad Romance, than you've probably seen these weird things:

Oh muhgawd, Shoes...

I don't think any of those particular shoes were in the video, but you get the idea. As The Huffington Post put it: "When we first saw Alexander McQueen's ten-inch stilettos, we wondered who would wear them...but we should have known the answer: Lady Gaga." So anyone interested in a pair of these shoes, they run 700-2000$! :O That's crazy.

Okay, now I have to get to work - blogged to kill time, but with skipping one class and another class canceled I only had one class today - so I'd better get plenty done before I have to go observe at the International Institute of Akron for an Education class.

Song of the Day:
"Monster" by Lady Gaga. Okay, if you've been in my car lately - you've probably heard this song at least twice. I appologize, but I have no qualms about listening to the same 3 songs a million times in a row (I do listen to 96.5 afterall...) But this song is interesting, it's got the metaphor of the badguy at the club that's like a monster (Zombie-ish sounding.) It also incorporates parts of Lady Gaga's other songs "Poker Face" and "Just Dance" -- at some points she sings "Ma-ma-ma-ma-monster...." (Poker Face has a "ma-ma-ma-ma...") and she notes in the excerpt below, she just wanted to Dance once again. As Patsy put it, "Poor Lady Gaga, she just wants to dance!!!" Haha, and my FAVORITE line of the song is the last line of the excerpt...
"I wanna Just Dance,
But he took me home instead.
Uh oh! There was a monster in my bed!
We french kissed on a subway train.
He tore my clothes right off;
He ate my heart then he ate my brain!"
Upcoming Movie of the Day: Hot Tub Time Machine. I hope this is good, I dunno - the concept sounds interesting but the commercials do not look all that good, but I haven't seen them too close up just on the screens at the gym.

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