Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Looked up, Talked Down

Mmm, smell that rainy air! I LOVE IT! >D

Well, getting ready to go to the Circle K Open House tonight -- leaving part way through to drop in on the EnviormentalAkron meeting at 8, a stuttering group that has been falling on its face every semester since I've been here. With my Green work with the University, I hope to see them become much much more active and I'm going to go baring suggestions.

But lets talk about my day! Got up early to go to Geography class (boring as always; test put off til Thursday though!) Gotta memorize all the former-Soviet states, and where they are. Went to International Institutions class... and this guy is odd. First of all, he only seems to own white dress pants. On the DAY AFTER LABOR DAY? tsk tsk tsk. He looks like someone's agent, like he belongs in California.

From there, went to meet with the Springboard Tech staff about incorporating TK20 into Springboard. They were slow to answer my questions, and seemed to incorporate alot of extraneous information like trying to prove why students should have an ePortfolio (which I wasn't questioning) and how the technology fee the University charges is assessed (which was fairly off topic.) But they were pretty awkward about my taking notes, I guess I could've recorded them in secret with my iPod but that've been even more awkward lol. They made it very clear "what they were saying to me" -- like, when I asked about something they would say something like "You can't say that we said that." in terms like I was wrong, but they didn't immediately correct me -- rather than it's a secret.

From there, I had an extra 45 minutes so I went into the Dean of the College of Education's office to inquire about what data exactly TK20 collects, to provide the Springboard staff that. Accidentally found myself talking to the head of Accreditation and Assessment. She also started with the "aren't you cute for wanting to ask questions" attitude, eventually moving to the "You're asking too many questions, status quo forever!"

Not having any good illustrations for the second half of this blog, I google image searched for the U of A and found these gems! Courtesy of our LeBron James connection.

Then ed imp class was uneventful. Watched a movie, and I questioned some of the teachers logic (and got a scoff from the back of the room!) The teacher acknowledged there wasn't a good answer to my question, and me and Laura joked that everyone else just sits and is "taught to" in Ed classes. I ask the questions that should be asked by any rationale person, and I get scoffed at! I've taken upon the title of class cynic actually, at one point the teacher even hinted that she had expected me to questions some policy thing and was ready to discuss it. That class may be more interesting than I initially gave it credit for.

Quote of the Day: "I have done my best in life to avoid reality." - my Int. Institutions teacher. Haha, he may dress oddly but he is occasionally kinda funny.

We watched a movie in Ed Imp today with a really corny teacher hosting a panel of other teachers. She noted to one of the teachers: "Your lessons are like carefully polished stones!" which I giggled at. One of the panelists later mentioned when her students enter "the real world or college" because lol, we're not in the real world yet!

Just got a haircut, another busy day tomorrow, gonna either draw or play Star Trek Online for an hour then get some 'bux before CKI! Woop woop, ya'll stay classy.

Link of the Day: U.S. Church to go ahead with Sept. 11th Quran burning. < This makes me disappointed in America. And makes me dislike Christianity a whole lot more.

Blog Follow-up of the Day: 'Refudiate' From Sarah Palin Tops Dictionary's Words of Summer

Song of the Day: Firework by Katy Perry. I was driving home from Garfield this weekend (Orange and White soup in tow n.n) and this came on my iPod. Someone mentioned to me the other day that this is going to be the next single by Katy Perry (They wanted Peacock, but the radio version of that would be... interesting.) I just love this song.

"...Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y"

Well, that rhyme is a bit of a stretch... but I like the "Boom, Boom, Boom.... even Brighter than the Moon, Moon, Moon!!!" Oh! The other day I saw her new (ridiculous) album at Starbucks, and it is Cotton Candy Scented!!!! rofl.

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