Saturday, September 18, 2010

Politics as Usual

So first of all, VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN IS COMING TO CAMPUS MONDAY! *U* If I can get his autograph, I'm one step closer to the "2008 Collectors Set!" I think I'm at, Hillary, Michelle, Chelsea,... hm, this set really is kinda lacking now that I think about it. ALL The more reason to try to get his autograph n.n

For those who don't know anything about Joe Biden; he was a long serving Senator from Delaware (right next to DC) in fact he's often campaigned on how often he takes the train home like any "regular joe." His personal history contains many tragedies; Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania (so was Hillary! And The Office is set there.) In 1972, his wife and 1-year old daughter were killed in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping. His commute was because he wanted to spend every day at home with his two sons after that - (his eldest would later be shipped to Iraq.) After years of doubt and anger, he met a teacher and they later married (and now she's the Second Lady of the United States!) I remember hearing her on a phone thing with College Democrats during the election. Biden's desk in the Senate was once used by JFK (each Senator has their own Senate desk, and for over a century they've been signing the inside of it -- so you can see some pretty impressive people in a desk's history!) Remarkable fact, he graduated 76th in his class of 85 from law school. Well look where he is now!

But what makes him "Crazy Uncle Joe" are his notorious gaffes. And I look forwared to what he'll come up with in a couple days, haha. Someone on Rachel Madow (a show I don't actually watch all that often) mentioned that he was like "the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving who says the thing on all ours minds but we're too afraid to say." I agree to an extent. But onto other politics...

In other news, thanks in part to Lady Gaga's political involvement -- you can expect a vote on the repeal of the controversial Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy on Tuesday! She tweeted and tweeted and rallied her little monsters until Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweeted at her! Bahahaha, politics are hilarious. One news article went so far to suggest that she is the left's answer to Sarah Palin. (Which I would GLADly accept!!!) After shoring up support in her fans with that issue, she opened fire on the controversial Arizona immigration policy. Video below. With 6+ million twitter followers (the most of anyone on Twitter; more than Obama and Palin combined) and the most fans on Facebook as well - she has been declared Queen of both. She even released a video thanking her fans for electing her Queen of Twitter, "may you always have soft cuticles while tweeting... and may you never get carpal tunnel!"

Politicians should be careful not to mess with Mother Monster. The Youth are a valuable asset when energized, convinced to support and vote as Obama learned in 2008. But the Youth, controllers of internet, shephards of all things viral and retweeted -- can be a bitch if you piss them off...

Picture of the Day: Ahahaha, this one's for Patsy. I noticed that most of the people that visit my blog come here googling Lady Gaga's shoes, haha. But googling on my own I found these PikaShoes, which I gotta say put Patsy's to shame. Patsy should wear more 8-inch heals in my professional opinion as a fashionisto. Which reminds me, a blog on clothes and my Halloween costume is coming up! =D

Video of the Day: In case the secret isn't out yet, I love Lady Gaga. She is simply awesome-super-fantastic amazing.

Song of the Day: "Fu*k You" by Cee Lo Green. So Brit posted this video the other day on Facebook and I didn't really give it much thought. I watched it, and time index 0:46 - 0:51 is my favorite scene, haha, I love the backup singers! But the lyrics are clearly not gonna get on the radio - whether lone 96.5. Well I stand corrected, heard it on the radio, and I can see it being a hit even though the butchered radio-edit has alot of odd pauses. I like it's 50's tone and feel, but overall this song is pretty average to me I'm going to say. (googling) Oooh, Okay, the radio edit is called "Forget You."

Favorite Lyrics:
"...Yeah i'm sorry, i can't afford a ferrari,
But that don't mean i can't get you there.
I guess he's an xbox and i'm more atari,
But the way you play your game ain't fair..."
"...Now I know, that I had to borrow,
Beg and steal and lie and cheat.
Trying to keep ya, trying to please ya.
'Cause being in love with yo[ur] ass ain't cheap."

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