Sunday, September 26, 2010

Better off Ted...

Phew, BUSY week! Starting Sunday, did a lot of Volunteer hours for College Democrats as Vice President Joe Biden came to campus on Monday! That was all kinds of a hoot. Dr. Cohen, my politics (and the teacher of all my Monday classes) let me skip out for this historic opportunity. Got dressed up and volunteered to make signs, coordinate overall, and eventually I ended up helping people find where they should be in line. Once again, I was the "College student's perspective" person in a group of mainly public volunteers. There were White House people, people from the Summit County Democratic party, and random fringe Democratic groups I guess would be the impolite way of saying it (someone I believe identified themselves as a communist O.o;;) anyway.

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic speaks.
Well I was the one telling them what "Computer Solutions" was, and helping understand the student orgs who had things to do on the 3rd floor of the Union -- like the Muslim Student Association who prays there in the afternoon. That's so cool! Akron should have a mosque, or whatever the students need - I admit ignorance as to their specific cultural requirements. But if ASG gets it's way, we'll soon have a new Department of Multicultural Affairs or something to house our new "African American Studies" major that ASG voted to support his past week. But moving on.

Governor Ted Strickland, running for re-election, introduces Joe Biden. Vote Strickland!!!
Where was I? Oh yes. So I got to do that, but that also meant that I was outside helping until the thing already started so I didn't get to stand in the cool, up-front "for people who volunteered" section. But I'll manage. Er, I did manage. I sat by the guests that had physical handicaps - in fact I stood next to a man who was screaming to Joe through much of the speech. In support of him, but it was still a bit of a disruption, but he had good intentions :-)

Joe Biden! AHHH! And candidate for Lieutenant Governor Yvette McGee-Brown, (right). Governor Strickland is down in the polls at this point to the "Kasich" guy. But Strickland needs to win, because this year is going to be an important year because of the census and drawing of congressional seat lines. The Governor needs to be a Democrat or you can expect another ten years of Republican control of Ohio x_X Which means more job loss.

"Don't compare us to the almighty, compare us to the alternative."
The only Biden-gaffe, which wasn't really a gaffe, was when he called World War II the Civil War on several occasions. No one I've spoke to has said they noticed, Laura plain out had no idea when World War II was... :(
Well that's it for now, a primarily picture-based blog because Blogger is giving me trouble with captions and picture sizes and I'm getting frustrated. I didn't really mention this, but afterwards got to shake hands with Vice President Biden and the Governor, both were incredibly nice! Biden was just an awesome guy, and even let me take a picture with him! *u*

Think I'm going to go work out at the rec center for an hour or two (HA, yeah I wish. While I would like to get into shape, I get pretty darn tired 45 minutes in.)

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