Friday, September 3, 2010

Fly on the Wall

Well, it has been a busy first two weeks of classes I'll tell ya x_x alot of my time has gone to ASG, Associated Student Government here at Akron. And I feel like I have heard more plans and interesting tidbits about the University in the past two weeks than I have in the last two years! Obviously it would be an abuse of my position to reveal and truely secret behind-closed-door details, but it's safe to say I can share with ya what is publically available - people just don't know where to look.

Soon to be AHAP Building, Mill Street.

Lets start with a simple question I didn't know the answer to: the building on Mill St. and College Street (if you follow the Honors Complex street up by the payroll building) there is a corner building by the bread factory that they recently tore most of the front of the building apart, and it's being rebuilt. I did not know the University owned that - but since it's under construction at the end of a national economic downturn -- I should've known! The University does in fact own that building, and it is in the process of being converted into the Archives of the History of American Psychology! This being moved from the Polski archives of course.

Though this is not the style I am proposing (YET!) This is by far my favorite design, love it! This is brilliant.
Then we've got the research I personally am doing, and as far as I know, any research I do is open to the public! My first project I'm interested in is getting a wind turbine on campus! I don't know if I want multiple small ones on buildings, a center for alternate energy studies to encourage a new major on campus, or one big turbine like the one over by the Parma Town Mall exit -- but I'm researching and that's the first step! Two years ago, the University got a D+ on our green grade so the President made a committee to improve that. A year later we got a D-. So they are strongly investigating anything that'll make us more green, we'll see where that goes!

Hm, while searching for publically available documents - I found this interesting outdated website that no one seems to have taken down explaining the expansion plans that were completed back in 2004, things like the Union, Honors Complex, and Atheletic Buildings. Also unrelated, but interesting tidbit I found: a 1994 plan by the University Park Alliance (or it's predecessor) on renovation plans. Hm, I don't think I'm going to find the document I'm looking for. But FYI: Here's more information on the University Park Alliance.

K, Losing focus. My office hours in the ASG office are 1-3 MWF :-/ but I've gotten a ton done! Wednesday I met with the Associate Dean of the College of Education, Tuesday I'm meeting with the developers of Springboard to discuss merging TK20 with it. TK20 is my enemy, and it is the main reason I ran for ASG! To bring it to an END! But along the way, I also plan to improve the lines in Simmons Hall, put more benches outside of classrooms so students don't have to sit on the floor, improve our Green grade all around, and oversee the remodel of Bierce Library.

Oh! So today, I went to classes, one was a movie the other was an easy test on the Presidents, and then I went to ASG work. Here I thought I was slacking, I'd actually done more than the other members of my Committee (Facilities & Services) -- but I went to the library to get the campus internet fixed on my laptop - and then it was torential raining. So I chatted with the girl at the Library counter (from one of my Ed classes) and our Circle K adviser Don! The girl mentioned she wanted a new library. Once the rain stopped I went to serve my office hour in ASG, asked what would be the first inkling of a step in imagining a new library, and they say getting a new building takes YEARS of labor and research! And to ask Student Body President Steve. Speak of (not) the devil (actually a pretty nice guy!) he walks in, and I quickly describe the situation, and he's couincidentally late/on his way to a redesigning the Library committee meeting and invites me to join! So that's where I spent the next 3 hours x_X but it was actually pretty darn interesting, and I may try to finagle my way onto it more permanently.

Some interesting things coming up: circulation will move to where the coffee shop in the library is, and the coffee shop will become a HUGE component of the first floor: and lots more places to plug in your laptop!!!

Well, ASG won't take up my whole life - but it certainly took up my whole week. More interesting blogs surely to come in the future!

Song of the Day: Lady Gaga tries to cover Viva La Vida, but doesn't know many of the words, by Cold Play.  Haha, it's hardly her best work. For some reason, fans are saying it's better than Cold Play's version. I love Lady Gaga, but I disagree - I mean she messes up pretty badly in places, lol. But it was interesting to hear. I'd really like to hear Lady Gaga just cover all kinds of songs! Lol, Fergalicious, Sexy Back, Independent Women, Umbrella.... I dunno.

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