Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dream Interpretation Time Again!

I am sooooo tired, I got sporadic sleep last night and at one point woke up at 5:49 for some reason x_x I also utilized the snooze a couple too many times, busy day today! Need to be awake! Must go buy some redbull...

But this last snooze I also had a really strange dream. Sarah was driving me, Brit, (maybe some other people in the backseat) to Tri-C for some event. Then, while caught in the traffic, I heard the President speaking like it was being put on loudspeaker. And I'm like "OH! GUys, ya know why it's so crowded, the President is visiting today." And they're all like "Oooooh Yeaaaah!" And we get to some building, and there's like no one there, and poor President Obama is like at a podium awkwardly in the corner without much glam or pomp - speaking kinda like this is a practice engagement. Then I want to go run to my car to get my camera, cause I figure if he's giving a speech to that few people, he'll have time to take an individual picture with me! On my way out of the building, I run into some people from ASG/College Dems that are all dressed up heading in. I say hey guys, and imagine there'll still be plenty of time even though they'll all want pictures.

Get my camera, come back, and the President heads out of the building for a smoke. I ask Sarah where all the ASG people went, and she's like "they must have came in and went right back out." So I run outside, and President Obama is no where to be found! :( He must have left with his motorcade, because it's completely quiet and calm out. Sad for me. Go back inside and the union-y building is now a private residence, and the outside is roughly a re-use of Kayla's street in Cleveland. Inside, Sarah and Brit are raiding the fridge of who ever's house this is. Sarah starts cooking dinner cause she's hungry, Brit cooks some tuna. I start reorganizing the fridge, but I start getting confused; I'll go into the cabinet above the fridge, there's an opened frozen-sandwich/sub kinda thing, and I go to put it in the fridge but the fridge is now in a different part of the kitchen! So I give up organizing, and go back outside and checking the mail box is Brent -- this grad student from the Poli-Sci department at the University.

This is a Tuna Fish.

It's the Poli-Sci departments house, and he used to live there I guess, but no one does now (Hence the checking of the mail) and there's a huge package on the porch for some building-a-deck supplies, and a clothesline-pulley. He speaks in hick to the neighbors in a nice, friendly way, then runs inside remembering his tuna! Inside, Brit reveals to him that she ate his tuna. Then I almost walk into Amanda, "Amanda What are YOU doing here!?" (She wasn't there prior to this.) Add to that she's dressed up like a Disney Princess.

Imagine Amanda, Angry, in This.
 She snaps back at me "I WAS HUNGRY!" and I just say freindly-ly back to her "Well there's a bunch of supposedly free food here!" Then Sarah eats whatever she was cooking on the stove, and the dream ends.

Thoughts anyone?

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