Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Complaining of Sumner

Blah. Working 12midnight - 6am. It's already almost 4am and I haven't touched my homework - lol. Gonna watch this video by the Nostalgia Critic about "Home Alone 3" then try to start my Japanese homework. Then maybe work on my Content Reading homework. Fun stuff I know.

So Last night was Sumner-fest, a street-wide party on Sarah's street. That was kinda interesting. Well let me rollback a little farther, so I had got out of the Census at about 4'oclock. I try to leave Quaker, and the guy tries to charge me. I'm like "Um, I'm a student." "I still gotta charge you. How long were you here?" He isn't trying to be a dick, he was trying to be really nice about it - just doing his job, I understand. But I was angry, cause I made a distinct effort to park somewhere I was allowed to -- which is why I chose the lot that HAS THIS SIGN:

What's that you say? All Permits? You mean like Commuter permits? Yup, that's a permit. ER, University get your sh*t straight. Anyway, he tried to be nice about it and only charge me a dollar -- visiting convention price. I had to say: "I am not even lying to you right now, I really lost my wallet... like I kinda wanna go inside to look for it." (Spoiler Alert: It was at home.) Anyway, words are exchanged, and I leave without having to pay. Stupid University. As an ASG person I'm gonna try to fix that.

So go to Macedonia Battery place to buy a new charger for my labtop. They try their charger, it doesn't work -- I guess it's my motherboard. WTF!? Da*n you labtop! I am NOT paying that kinda craziness. We'll see what happens.

But since Macedonia's on the way to Sarah's work, and she's heading home -- I suggest we meet for early dinner. So we check out Rue21 (producer of my favorite pair of flip flops, they were like a dollar and have lasted 3+ years! And their awesome quality and comfort, not the generic cheap rubber, like a soft rubber + fabric!) Anyway, mens flip flops don't come out for another few weeks I guess. So we go to Fuji Hibachi, a place we tried to go to 3 years ago with Kim and Lindsey. The creepy chef/waiter mentioned to Lindsey "You look like Shakira, can you dance like Shakira?!" and we made a quick getaway.

Well, the Hibachi was very average. But it was the same price as good Hibachi at like Benni Hanna's or Wasabi. ERr. And the menus mentioned your meal came with this kind of rice and sushi -- we did not get the sushi (but everyone else at our table did) and we got charged extra for the rice. I don't want to be a cheapskate, but I don't like getting charged for things badly either. Then the hibachi guys was just strange, and he had like a handful of trying-to-be-funny phrases he would say that were not funny. And I'm pretty sure he called me and Sarah brother and sister at one point.

STAY AWAY FROM FUJI JAPAN OF MACEDONIA COMMONS! It sucks majorly. Because then, they proceeded to screw up our bill and credit card. I got another woman at our tables' credit card and she got mine. I then proceeded to buy drinks for Sumnerfest with the other woman's card (before realizing it wasn't mine.) I reported the whole story to 5/3rd today on the phone, but Monday I'm supposed to go to my local branch and talk to a manager some more.

"The Caning of Sumner." Senator Charles Sumner, for whom the street is named, was a Democrat that argued against slavery - and was famously beaten by another Senator with a cane on the floor of the Senate.

So last night was Sumnerfest, lol. We had a nice little group, but Sarah and Brit couldn't decide if they wanted to have a group or just the three of us, cause they'd go from inviting everyone in their phones over to trying to kick everyone out. I dunno, plans changed too often for me to follow and I think that created some friction. I wanted to go to the bar, which we all agreed on -- then they started playing waterfall and Sarah invited her rock climbing friend over. I dunno, the night kinda went down from there. Hopefully next weekend we'll be able to party more funnly :/

But we got some house hopping in, and that was fun! Met a bunch of Divya's friends that I guess I've met before, they all remembered me (!?) and could explain my blonde hair (ie: white, cutting it to highlights, etc.) It was fun.

Remarkable Fact: Sumner-fest has some kind of Official Council that makes decisions. What is this the United Nations!?

Song of the Day: "Miracles" by Insane Clown Posse. Huh. Well. That was interesting. That was... strange. It seemed kinda like something they'd play in a Sunday School session. I never listen to ICP, but that is not at all what I expected. Seemed very... huh. I dunno. Haha, they are kinda just tripping and hallucinating the strange CGI's. My favorite line was something about "How does a match work anyway?" I can't say I plan to listen to it again, the rhyme scheme seems very simplistic. Childish almost. But judge for yourself...

Haha, I guess it was parodied tonight on SNL. I'll have to see that. There's also a Parody that seems to Endorse Glade plug-ins. Haha, that was kinda funny actually.

Quote of the Day: (At Jimmy Johns, me and Patsy couldn't go five minutes without a Lady Gaga reference.)
Me: "If I didn't have to work at midnight, we could take our Jimmy Johns to LUX."
Patsy: "We'd be out in the club, and eatin our Sub..."

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