Friday, April 23, 2010

Technical Difficulties

AHH! My labtop's charger has finally passed on. Not just the charger, but part of the motherboard that the charger connects too. So my labtop is in the shop - it's been five days, and it's going to be at minimum another week!

:( I'm 'topless, and I feel Naked!

Finally, after a week of checking into the Bierce Labtop center like 6 times a day I have got my hands on a week long check-out-able labtop so I am not cut off from the world. (Though with twitter, facebook and foursquare on my phone I don't think that was ever much of a problem.

Haha, word of advice to anyone planning to check out a week long labtop though: you have to sign in ON CAMPUS before leaving, cause otherwise you can't even get it to start up when you get home. I had to drive back to campus, park in the Gallucci parking lot and wait for it to connect to Rootown (the new Tsunami to those out of the loop) to even get it to get past the log-in screen! It's working just fine now. But at the time I was parked up along the side of the building, getting creepy stares from the girl on the second floor who probably reported lil' creepy me, with my labtop in the drivers seat parked in the parking lot.

Short blog right now, but I'm feelin kinda antsy and restless-leg-syndromal so I'll try to update this again this weekend! Stay tuned for stories from Sarah and Brit's trip to Circle K's Spring Officer Training at OU, or my adventures with the service project at the Akron Zoo.

ERRR, Now I'm trying to watch Alias DVDs and they're not working either. Stupid Library movie scratches. And I'm trying to include an image of the pope's plane in this blog, and PAINT isn't working on this dumb labtop.

Song of the Day: "If We Ever Meet Again" by Timbaland ft. Katy Perry. I heard this the other day parking in North Deck, and I was excited to hear Katy Perry doing another song! I hope she makes another album soon. She's featured in it alot actually, but it doesn't seem like much - something about breaking into an art museum I suppose? lol. Go listen to it, kinda catchy, I see it being one of the first hits of summer along with Alejandro.

Quote of the Day:

"My God the pope's plane is invisible! T-the Pope is WONDER WOMAN!"
- Jon Stewart, segment on Religious jokes in the shows history.

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