Friday, April 16, 2010

1989 - 2102

Hey, a guy can be optimistic can't he? Maybe I'll start eating healthier in the 2060s. I do hope to live to be a hundred though, that would be perfect. If I can live to see the 22nd century, that'd be even cooler! But do to the personal developments of a close friend lately, the topic of death and what is done with us when we die has been in conversations and I thought I'd think about what I want to do when I die (hopefully of old age at 113.) Also I wanted to explore a certain image suggested tonight.

Just to explain my longevity for a second, I want to live to be 100. My great-grandma did, and my moms side of the family is unusually longevious. It's my dad's side of the family that ruins the average by the males dying young. But I don't want to die at exactly 100, that's like only being able to enjoy your party you've worked your whole life for for a few days. So If I'm going to live to be 100, I mise as well plan on seeing the turn of the century, again. After all, Captain Archer (2112-2265) lived to be 133.

Firstly, let the world know: if I am ever in a comatose or similar state -- keep me on ventilators for the rest of my life, no matter how miserable! I do not mind being a vegetable. There, wishes, known.

Second, should I die under other normal unforeseen circumstances - I am a registered organ donor.

Lets see, as for my burial - my view on the matter is was I important enough that people will actually visit my grave. If I am, by most measures - a normal person, I feel being buried in a cemetery is primarily a waste of beautiful fields on Earth. If I am going to sit there for eternity with only the occasional descendant visiting me, why spend so much on that plot of land? But I definitely do not want to be cremated. So I am at present open to further suggestions. Preferably, I'd like to have some kind of museum dedicated to me for some reason (this of course requires being important, etc.) and I would be buried on that land, like a Presidential Library!

As for my funeral arrangements, I'd like something simple. Dunno the details yet, obviously. But I think I'll write my own obituary in my 40s, and then update it every couple years. Eh, or maybe I prefer it be written by others, as it represents all of my life in a blurb. Haha, maybe future-papers will link to this archived blog.

There is an upcoming episode of GLee based around Lady Gaga songs. And in it, all the different characters dress in a different Lady Gaga outfit! How AWESOME FANTASTIC is that gonna be!? Well Patsy suggested tonight that at my funeral, all my friends should dress in my favorite Hillary Clinton pantsuits! So, to be clear, I expect...

AHAhahahahaha, oh that's hillary-ous.

I don't have a problem. Really.

Song of the Day: "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" by the Avenue Q broadway production. (Lyrics) lol, pretty darn funny.

Picture of the Day: Very Lolz, Pokemon-world commentary on the Health Care debate:

Video of the Day:
Parody of "Whatdya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert, by Key of Awesome - who made some hilarious Gaga parodies.

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