Monday, April 12, 2010

What Happens in the Club, Stays at the Club

(Sorry if this blog seems a bit jumpy, I wrote some of it one day, more of it another day, then the rest of it a week later and its all discombobulated!)

Blah, I am so overwhelmed with these handful of projects all due this week x_x one turned in done, completely. The other partially, and is due at midnight. Sigh, but now that I'm almost a third done I know how I'm going to write the rest and it should be simple its just a matter of doing it (between 3 and 7 today) cause tonight is scheduling for summer hours. But anyway...

Look how amused Kayla is with Rob!

Saturday night, a group of us went to LUX Niteclub in Akron. Sarah was away at Key Club DCON in Columbus unfortunately :(

Brit having fun with a rat-toy she found in Rob's car.

So we go to LUX, and first of all drinks there are really over priced! To the point of I don't really want to buy drinks there again, just dance. I don't even like to dance, but EVERYONE there were bad-dancers - the kind that just kinda sway or grind. It was hilarious. Then came a point in the night where Brit and Rob were dancing together on a platform, and I was supposed to get Amanda and Kayla. Well when I found Kayla, she was dancing with some guy and enjoying herself, so I didn't want to ruin that. Well Brit wanted me too, lol, I guess I left them dancing on the platform together a litttle longer than she wanted.

Well, we go back to my house, and Me and Brit dance to the Telephone video. Luckily I don't expect that video to get out anytime soon.

But the next morning, before driving Amanda home, we found this random little diner and I couldn't go an hour without making a Telephone reference so...

Picture of the Day:




Link of the Day: "Man's coat mysteriously builds enough static to instantly light a carpet on fire" ???? - THIS IS AWESOME! I am always on the look out for stories that look like news clippings that would appear on the cork boards on Heroes, but have almost never found anything. This one is certainly interesting, may this guy has electrokinesis!!!

Song of the Day: "O.M.G." by Usher ft. This song was pretty darn popular at the club, it's pretty good but it's no Telephone. The song seems very much like a Will.i.a.m-written song, or something off the last Black Eyed Pea's album "The E.N.D." Maybe it's not surprising then that the music video contains alot of "The E.N.D" tron-style imagery, and also a line or two in the background from "Boom Boom Pow." Interestingly, I guess "OMG" stands for "Oh My Gosh" because he doesn't say God ever. Hrm. Weird.

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