Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Morning routine

Happy St. Patrick's Day, blog followers! Well, with student teaching absorbing my life during the week -- (and the other waking hours often being used to nap or plan) Saturday morning has really offered my my only chance to catch up on household maintenance. This morning started repairs to the kitchen sink (which is leaking in multiple places, and required a new faucet) cleaned the counter tops to put away things that should have been organized (the Rice Cooker now lives above the Fridge!) and throwing away things that should have been trash (mom, the cheese slice wrappers, seriously!)

This is St. Patrick. Little did he know, back in the 4th century AD, that his name would come to mean a time for college students to get wasted and flash people. Also I think something about snakes...

And of course cleaning my room and folding the laundry. Usual chores, nothing too exciting. Just want the house to be clean later when I come back from St. Patrick's Day celebrations with friends! At this point, its looking like we'll be (among other things) checking out a band and Kayla has a barbecue, and the other details aren't really blog-noteworthy ;)

Blah, this weekend I really should be devoting more time to my Honors Project, and this other project I have to do for class. But I'm confident in my ability to get them done :)

Song of the Day: Whoa, it's a wayback flashback: "Like a Boy" by Ciara. Haha, this song just came up randomly on iTunes, and this wasn't half bad a song! Well, the video is pretty average -- but I think the choreography is pretty intense. Apparently it was nominated for best choreography (I wonder if that is the kind of thing that goes through an artists' mind while making the video?) But it lost out to Justin Timberlake. Remarkable fact: Ciara has the Keys to the City of Riverdale, Georgia -- where her High School is located.

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