Monday, April 18, 2011

Judas Revealed

Well, spent the weekend at Key Club DCON and the Hotel did not have free internet (and I wasn't gonna pay 9.45 a day) so delayed reaction a little. So Friday(-ish) Lady Gaga's next single "Judas" leaked. Patsy can't get over the fact that the biblical story of Judas is: Jesus predicted one of his 12 apostles would betray him - and it was Judas Iscariot that told the Romans how to arrest Jesus, in exchange for 30 pieces of silver. (Jesus was then of course crucified: hung on the cross. Only to rise 40 days later on Easter!)

I love this cover art. There's a video called Gagavision 42. that shows her debating if she wants the image she loves "of her taking it with her cell phone and doing it in word" because it may look like she "did it at the last minute and didn't put any thought into it." I think it's interesting!
In the song, Judas is someone who routinely betrays/harms Gaga but she loves him anyway. At least that's how I interpret it anyway. Perhaps symbolic of an abusive relationship? Well I'll go into detail after the music video comes out, I've learned my lesson from "California Gurls" not to analyze a song until it's at it's peak of popularity and has a music video.

But I did want to show this: The music video for Judas was filmed in April, and Norman Reedus will be playing Judas. He does look very demonic, and has previously played a skeezbag boyfriend on Charmed.

Song of the Day: "Price Tag" by Jessie J (ft. B.o.B.) Jessie J. sounds familiar, I know she's had some other hit -- here she kinda reminds me of a combination of Nicki Minaj, P!nk, and a combination of the British girls I can't differentiate (Lily Allen, Kate Nash.) Overall though, I like this song as a good "average/background" song - not necessarily a hit of Pre-Summer (which is HERE!) but good.

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