Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eviction Convictions

So you may or may not know about my mom's bankruptcy back in 2008. Grandpa hired a good lawyer, and for the most part all ended well. Except for this random eviction notice we got in the mail last week?

While I was at an important function in another state, mom insisted on telling me in a very very brief phone call. Talk about a mood wrecker... but when I returned, I marched to the condo, got the letter, did some googling and made some phone calls. The letter is not a court order, and in fact the Sheriff says we are still the owners of the house - so no one can evict us.

Mom, ever willing to give in to any passing conqueror, did not think to make any phone calls, and started moving David's entire life to the condo. I now have plans slowly setting into motion to get the house rightfully purchased and ours -- if mom would just LISTEN ALREADY ><;;;

Quote of the Day:

Q. At what point will I have absolutely no options left?
A. Never. You have not lost until you decide the fight is over. Even after a foreclosure, even after an eviction you still have as much right to buy your house back in the open market as anyone else....

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