Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Green Eggs in Court

So I'm in White House class right now, and we're in a lecture on the First Lady - and the powerpoint included a pic of First Lady Michelle Obama reading to children. One kid noted the book in the image was Green Eggs and Ham, so I randomly googled it (love having my laptop in class.) Which led me to an interesting story...
This is not the picture.

My story concerns the case of Wolff v. New Hampshire Department of Corrections. Apparently, an inmate in New Hampshire sued the facility on the basis of the food they were serving him. One of his 'documents' he filed was a hard boiled egg. The judge was not happy about this, and had the egg stricken from the record. In so doing, he took a creative approach in issuing his ruling:

Quote of the Day:
"No fan I am
of the egg at hand.
Just like no ham
on the kosher plan.

This egg will rot
I kid you not.
And stink it can
this egg at hand.

There will be no eggs in court
to prove a clog in your aort.
There will be no eggs accepted
Objections all will be rejected.

From this day forth this court will ban
Hard boiled eggs of any brand
And if you should not understand
The meaning of this ban at hand
Than you should contact either Dan,
The Deputy Clerk, or my cleark Jan.

I do not like eggs in the file.
I do not like them in any style.
I will not take them fried or boiled.
I will not take them poached or broiled.
I will not take them soft or scrambled
Despite an argument well rambled.

No fan I am
of the Egg at Hand.
Destroy that egg!
Today! Today!
Today I say! Without Delay!"

 - Judge James R. Muirhead
United States Magistrate Judge

Song of the Day: "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah. I really like this song when I hear it on the radio, but when I hear it on my iTunes I think the rap part kinda goes on a little long - I bet they clip it down for the radio. This is probably my favorite song of the week. But the music video is pretty average, nothing too special, it does make me think that if I lived in a major city like New York where every building is a skyscraper - I would want to be playing on the roof like this kid ALL THE TIME! That's be so much fun, not a lot of skyscrapers in Akron, we have a few, but it's not the same.

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