Saturday, March 7, 2009

Circle K shopping and Sibs Weekend

So last night I worked 2-4pm, and today I worked 4-8pm, and let me just say -- I HATE working day shifts. Without my labtop, there is nothing to do! I brought books, but I didn't read them, lol, never do :/ But yes, yesterday got to hang with Danielle and her friend Elise and her sister who came up to see Brit's play, then they came over and played DDR in the fifth floor social lounge, that was fun. Went to bed at like 4, then a random thunderstorm (that disapeared as randomly as it happened) woke me up at like 7, went back to sleep, broken phone woke me up at 9! Went back to sleep. Actually woke up at 10, went to the Circle K project--

Which was "Shop for Childrens Hospital". We had club funds raised up to buy things the Children's Hospital needs to give to children like toys and teething rings and so-and-such. Got 13 people, nice number, ended up going over to Montrose for Dollar Tree and Target. It was fun, and Kat complimented my executive decision making skills n.n yay practicing for the Presidency.

Then I went with grandpa to get my new phone battery, went with Sarah to drop Brit off in Cuyahoga Falls, then to Best Buy to buy her a iPod case for her iPod for her birthday. Then back here to work from 4 to 8 which was not fun, but thanks a ton to the bunch that visted me (over and over...) to keep me reasonably entertained!!

And tonight its off to kaylas to celebrate mine brit and sarah's birthdays (belated.)

Oops, forgot to mention the Circle K stuff: OMG! YAY ME! So first I was elected Club President, yay! Now I've been appointed Chair of the President's Committee, double yay! And now I've been selected for a Circle K Alumni taskforce, AND I won (one of two) Circle K scholarships!!! I'M SO PUMPED FOR CIRCLE K! WOOOO! Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, and will help me in the future! Haha, and I love that Jen called me "the golden boy of Ohio District CKI!" Similarly, Sarah called me butter.

...Cause I'm on a RoLL!

Just thought I'd post this picture, cause I've been looking for it for months and this way I won't lose it.

Quote of the Day: LOL, that was hilarious.

" autographed bible..." - Me
"Keep on Truckin, God." - Gomez.

Song of the Day: "Give You Hell" - All American Rejects. About a boy who tells his ex "when you see my face, I hope it gives you hell." I hyperlinked to the lyrics because the music video is just strange and stupid.

House Perk of the Day: I don't know how to better say this; Mike bought a shillilagh today, lol.

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Jennifer said...

How do you not like the video for Gives You Hell? It's funny. Congrats on getting the scholarship!