Monday, March 2, 2009

Clubbin' and Rice

Fine! Dang it. I won't buy the shirt, jeesh.

Popular opinion of the shirt I expressed interest in in my previous post has been more negative than the reaction to Bobby Jindal's Response-to-the-Not/so/State-of-the-Union. Which was BAD. Summarizing: The Governor of Louisiana, a Republican of Indian decent, thought by some to be a possibility for the 2012 presidential nomination responded -as is customary - to the President's address on the stimulus package. He was pretty badly lampooned, one reason being he complained, and I quote, about Obama asking for money for "something called Volcano monitoring?" The Governor of *coughNewOrleanscough* Louisiana, is complaining about money to fund natural disaster monitoring? Seriously?

30 Rock fans will get it.

So, to my loyal readers, I apologize for it being a week since I last posted. Throughout the week I come up with bits and pieces of posts then don't post them.

So this weekend was a blast!!! First I saw Brit's play on Friday, which she was excellent in! Got to hang with Kim who I haven't seen in forever and Kenny, who I've actually seen more recently than Kim last weekend. She played a slave in a rendition of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, 'Big River.' I recommend anyone who hasn't already seen it go see it! There's plenty of showtimes left, just contact me and/or Brit and we could probably set up a day for a group to see it. (I personally would prefer not to again, its long, and the other day that I planned to see it I now work during the first hour.)

Then I had to work Friday night which sucked :/ but Saturday morning was fun at Starbucks, with four hours of hanging with some Circle K gang sort of playing Free Go Natalie 30,000 grains of rice donated! I got 7,000 in the same amount of time. Then what, oh, we split to do homework for a couple hours (fail) and went to Applebee's with Jason of the Rio Grande Circle K. Always welcome in Akron! After an annoying experience with some chicken --lets say nuggets -- we ended up going to a club as Patsy had recommended to me the previous Wednesday. But the list of planners and list of inviters interestingly enough got reversed (except for me) but it was still tons of fun! I have never had so much fun dancing, cause I usually hate it, alot, like tons of alot. I hate dancing a whole bunch actually. But the next morning, I was in pain (and still am) from the fun I had.

Then Sunday was kinda a dud, woke up at 1:30ish, didn't really get anything done at all all day, went to the mall for all of 15 minutes. But got to return this stupid shirt I bought from Aeropostal that the letters crack when you bend it, which is a stupid material to make shirt out of! If I put that in the wash, it would have come out blank I tell you. But yeah, got to see a friend from high school and her fiance which was cool, went to dinner to celebrate Brit's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY!!! WOOOO!) not at the wasabi place I was hoping for but Golden Corral :/ Then some more procrastinating and not doing this stupid book report, and here I am at work!

Song of the Day: "That's Not My Name", The Ting-Tings. They call her alot of things, but they aren't her name! I'm still in pain from dancing at the club to this and other things last night x_x Runner up, "Poker Face", Lady GaGa. Just because I never want to hear "Just Dance" by her ever again....

Quote of the Day:
"Hey Juicy!" - Teri, not really to the waiter of Golden Corral, whose name was actually Julius.

Other Quote of the Day:
"STORAGE FAIL" - The little digital-read out on the Vending Machine by the Honors Computer lab after selecting a drink it was out of.

Pantsuit of the Day:

In a Fox News Clip (which should always be taken with a grain of salt) they note that her pantsuit matches the caution tape on her plane, lol. This is the inspiration for me wanting to wear black and yellow the other day, sad it may seem. Just thought that was an interesting tidbit of information.

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