Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Woo/bleh, Tuesdays are busy days. Got my W2's finally and gonna use the UA-ASG free taxprep service, went to Polski's Dep of Foreign Programs and found out my application will go through next week and I'll be contact woowoo, Grandpa got my new cell phone battery, speaker at College Dems, and of course the Circle K meeting. Then work and a paper due tomorrow :(

(Watching CSPAN) lol, the Prime Minister of Britain (Gordon Brown) just joked with Obama about how they have to work out together sometime, that he's not good at basketball but maybe tennis.

Quote of the Day:
"Are you on the list of people I send things to?"
"You *send* things to people!?"
(Me and girl from my U.S. History sine 1877 class, lol - the way she said it seemed really funny to me at the time.)

Song of the Day: "Good Morning, Baltimore" - Hairspray (2007). I woke up this morning, looked at my wall and the sunlight looked weird and this song just started playing in my head and was stuck in my head this morning. Look for a Single-Ladies-like song as song of the day in the near future...

New States of the Day: Starbucksistan and New Columbia. The residents of Washington D.C. do not get a vote in the Senate or House of Representatives, but have to pay taxes, because DC is not in a state. Soon though Congress will vote to give them a congressional seat. Why should a city have its own congressional seat you may ask? DC has twice the population of Wyoming, who has 2 senators -- the same as NY and CA. But long story short, some propose making DC a state - to which the real people suggest "New Columbia" (since Washington is taken) and Colbert suggests "Starbucksistan."

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