Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break Plans, Part Two

Party went well. Sundway was relatively uninteresting, spent much of it napping in Garfield. Came back, did gang dinner, came up with some one-day trip plans for Spring Break sort'of. Err@economy, I wanted to go to new york >O

Then went to work, Sisler was closed so I had to climb in through the desk window - lol. That was an experience. But not much today, watched some Sabrina DVD's at home, and now over spring break I have to bug David to figure out what he's doing for college >>;; yeah, that's not MOM'S job or anything... also I have to make him figure out what he wants to do for Senior Project as well.

South Park Andrew.

Quote of the Day:

"Jingle, jingle, jingle, in my FACE-FACE-FACE!"
- Brit, pissed-idly remembering my waking her up with my keys that morning. lol

Funny site of the Day: Pundit Kitchen. (Source of pic above) One of Sarah's guys found this I think, alot of "Fail/lolcatz" on political pictures, lol, It's been entertaining me. Can't really think of subjects off the top of my head to search for, so I've only looked through the obvious one (Hillary, Palin,...) Oh, I'll go search for Kucinich and Pelosi.

Songs of the Day: "One of the Boys"(L) and "Thinking of You"(V) both by Katy Perry. Katy Perry's great! Thanks to Kayla for letting me borrow this CD and rip it a while back. If I'd come to the conclusion earlier, I'd've liked to see her in concert at the end of March but too late now :/ Thinking of You has some thought provoking lyrics.
"How do I get better, Once I've had the best
You said there's Tons of fish in the water
So the waters I will test..."

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Captain Fantastic said...

These 2 made my night.

especially that last one. lulz.