Friday, June 4, 2010

I dream of ..., Genie

So just started my 4a-6a shift at the Exchange desk, and while perusing the internet today I found an article of clothing I WANT! And since "Andrew's wardrobe" is one of the tags I can use on a blog that I don't think I use all that often, I'm gonna base today's on some clothes I wanna buy. And as for the title, I occasionally check out "Lady Gaga Daily: The Fashion Blog" which documents and explores all of Lady Gaga's different ridiculous outfits and how they are developed, etc. In it, the author of the blog often finishes with "Genie, I want a pair!" ie, wishing for them. So here are some clothes, if there be a genie, that I wish for.

The first article of clothing is this Mandarin Collar Jacket from YesStyle. I like it! This is a combination of my two favorite things, futuristic-y looking things, and Asian looking things. I occasionally ask myself what business suits will look like in 40 years (because they are a slow-to-change fashion icon, business suits have changed just barely in the past 70 years. With the exception perhaps of the 70s where larger wider collars were popular.) So I want something that says "this is the next stage in business suit evolution!" that is still recognizably business suity. I'm also interested to see how futuristic movies handle futuristic business suits. I seem to remember Minority Report chickening out and not really changing them at all, but the vampire-flick Daybreakers went with changing the collar in someway. Nothing groundbreaking. Anyway, I want this jacket! Wearing it to like, DCON or ASG would be awesome n.n

Mwahaha, I love mandarin collars! I will own something with one one day!!! Then there's...

Also from YesStyle (an Asian clothing site I believe) is this Gingham Layered Vest, which looks like two vests over each other but is one. Sure, most of my friends think I'm not artsy enough to pull off a vest :-/ but oh well :P I want it. The only problem with buying Asian clothes (as I determined *in* Asia) is that as a well-nourished all American boy with a taste for fast food, I am hardly Asian-sized. Hehe, while not fat I hope - I certainly don't fit into the same size of Asian clothes as I do American. Overcoming this obstacle (or simply finding a measuring tape to find my dimensions) are part of the reasons that have kept me from actually ordering any of this stuff.

But back to something within the realm of me actually buying, over at American Eagle Outfitters a few weeks ago - their new summer clothes came out including -- An Orange striped Button up shirt! The shirt my wardrobe hath been missing! :D But I know American Eagle clothes, while not dramatically over priced like say annoying Abercrombie, or also annoying Hollister Co., I should try to save up my money - which I am doing a very good job of - and all that credit card debt that eats away in the back of my brain almost gone! So perhaps this orange shirt will be my reward for a job well done. Cause last time I managed to keep my credit cards low, AE took my limit down from 250$ to 100$ ><;; I dunno if that affects my credit score badly, but it annoyed me. But I feel requesting it back up and then not using it *would* negatively affect my credit score. Oh credit, how little I understand you. I feel most Americans don't really understand credit - and yet we all use it! This is called technique, over knowledge - according to my Human Cultures class. Technique is knowing how to use something without the theory behind it's operation (ie: microwaves, cell phones, cars, credit cards...) Knowledge is knowing the precise details behind how something works and being able to use it (ie: the inventor of aaa.... i dunno, flat panel TVs or something, an Engineer that can explain how microwaves work and draw a blueprint of them, etc.) You're from-my-class-lesson of the day! ((Gasp! I just noticed the website doesn't have the Medium size anymore! I may go buy this in the store. ...just to keep my Credit Card in use, right...))

Dear Genie, give me these things and combined with my new buncha' flipflops from Old Navy's dollar-flipflop day, my wardrobe is pretty set till fall. Kthanx!

I swear, the world betta prepare... for when I'm a Billionaire...

On some life notes, AHHH! I'm SO excited Sarah comes back to America tonight at midnight and I'm picking her up from the Airport! n.n not exactly sure how we'll find each other, but I'm sure it'll be a Disney/Hallmark moment! n.n Until then, I've got a busy day with little time for sleep -- gotta finish my shift (another hour and 20 minutes), pick up my paycheck, cash my paycheck, shower, class, appointment with the Career center (we all pay 6$ a semester, I think I'm going to ask them about a future in the State Department), Starbucks with Laura (which I've canceled like 4 times :/), change, Work MY LAST DAY AT THE CENSUS, change, get to Garfield Heights for the funeral of a close friends ex-boyfriend, change, return a movie I should've returned this past weekend ><;;, Danielle's relay-for-life, then chill til I pick up Sarah. Okay, so it's not ALL that busy compared to my busier days. But no wonder I tagged this as Andrew's wardrobe - look at all those costume changes! It's like freakin' Music Express up in here.

Preview of Upcoming Blog: Hint, the subject is "The Oval Office..."

Song of the Day:
"My First Kiss" by 3Oh!3 ft. Ke$ha. Mwahaha, this is a song off my CD "things I think will be popular this summer" - and I heard it again on the radio today! So points to me. This does not relate to anything in real life particularly, just think it's interesting. I like the "OoooOoooooOOooooOOooOoooooo" part - haha. But watching the music video (for the first time right now) I realize the "normal" looking 3Oh!3 member is actually annoying, the long haired one is better. And of course, Ke$ha's hotmess of a self is entertaining in everything she does - lol. Garbage-trashy chic, as she describes herself... I'm also going to take this opportunity to inform anyone who does watch/read/go to any of the links I post about 3Oh!3, you may notice their logo is two hands connected with all their fingers apart. If you don't get why this is their logo, I realized (a WHILE back) it was because there's 3 fingers, an O, and then another 3 fingers -- haha, get itz!

Quote of the Day: "If I tell you a lie, may your genie confound me!" - The Book of Werewolves (by Sabine Baring-Gould.) Haha, back in High School I went to my local library, and found an antique book exploring the history of werewolves from a pseudo-real point of view (at least, by reading it I wasn't convinced the author was Not writing it from the POV they may be real.) And on one page, this quote popped up and I don't know why but it cracked me up. I read that whole book over the course of a couple trips to the Cuyahoga Valley Canal towpath, while walking - I'm pretty proud of that. I think I have this quote on my facebook, so if you've ever wondered where this stemmed from -- now you know!

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