Friday, June 11, 2010

Abandoned Hudson Mini-Golf

WooHOO! So, the Census is not as over as I thought it was. Instead, I'm being retained for phase 2 which goes all of July -- 30+ hours a week. And with no summer classes, that's a lot of hours of me making money and not being able to spend it. Combined with the money mom owes me, and my balancing my accounts -- I've had enough lately to indulge and live life a little! So I treated myself to a new 5th gen Orange iPod nano, as well as a new camera! Yeah, I'm pretty much loving life. And what better way to inaugurate a new camera than to go explore some ABANDONED BUILDINGS :D

Our abandoned building today is a former Mini-Golf/Put-put place in Hudson*, Ohio -- incredibly close to my Grandpa's house actually. ((* -- on the border of Hudson and Stow)) The first trip to Grandpa's of summer we often went here, me, Grandpa and Dave. It's only been closed a year or maybe 3 though, so I def declare it in the first stages of abandonment. In the following picture there's almost no signs of being abandoned...

As you can see, without the pumps almost all the water parts have dried up.

Poorly placed pine tree is quickly covering this hole.

Oh, and my favorite new feature on my newest camera (in addition to the 14 megapixels, and 7x optical zoom - huge improvements on my previous camera which I broke back in Korea) -- is the Panoramic shot option!!!

Sweetness 8-). In addition to a put-put course, there were batting cages, of which the mesh nets have since collapsed...

And in that little shack on the far right of this picture, ice cream was sold. They used to have a lot more picnic tables but they have since fallen apart or been removed. Even the brick-ground pattern they sat on has begun to come apart as nature reclaims the property, which is for sale.

Inside that building on the far right, not much was left except an old tube-style TV, a cordless phone and a pair of glasses.
Behind the batting cages was an arcade, which I did not try too heavily to break into. Perhaps -- ((haha, I almost typed herpes accidentally. Almost an anagram of perhaps)) -- I'll return here again sometime and try again. All the batting cages were locked with key-style MASTER locks. I told Sarah I'd go home and google how to pick those, lol.

Guess the place was named "Double Play."

Strangely enough, in almost all the golf-holes on the course -- plants were growing out of them. One of the most interesting parts of abandoned buildings is watching nature reclaim what humanity has taken and made artificial. This (really cheap, poor quality) green carpet-y material is after all inspired by grass isn't it. Well, that was the abandoned Mini-Golf place (I can't figure out what to call them, not a shop, or.... really anything. Just Mini-Golf Place.) Definitely expect more photographed adventures again in my future >D Yes, it's so nice having a camera again.

Song of the Day: Now that I have an iPod (MWAHAHAHA! Finally up to speed on modern technology.) I've gotta say "On Your Porch" by "The Format." It was on the Veronica Mars sound track, (and since I have a University labtop, I can't download music illegally -- not that I ever would of course -- but most of my iPod is the CD's I have. According to the Veronica Mars blog (ZOMG! Awesome site n.n) this song was used in the episode "Driver Ed".
"The Format is a two-member rock band from Arizona. They chose their name to make fun of the music industry's inclination towards a cookie-cutter "format" for a hit. And yet they didn't seem to have a problem with having a "hit" called "The First Single" or signing with Elektra Records in 2002.... The song "On Your Porch" is from the band's first full-length album Interventions and Lullabies, which was released in 2003."


Sarah said...

I love our abandoned building dates ;-)

glistening_star said...

I used to go to this place all the time when it was open. It is a shame to see that it is now abandoned. However, I love seeing all of the places that you have explored. I'd love to visit some of these places myself!