Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back Log of Blogs: Bl'blogs

Haha... so I've been meaning to post things, but I have like 4 blogs that are half done. So I've decided to kill two, and merge the other two. So forgive any temporal inaccuracies...

(Written a while go...) First of all, MAH BABY'S BACK! Wooo! n.n I've had an awesome 24+ hours straight of hanging with Sarah pretty much since picking her up from the airport in her China trip, and it's been a blast (most of all because of the not-fighting!) But I'm so happy she's back, missed her so much, and my summer's been so boring with out her. And what better way for her to come back -- but we've been watching (and I bought) the second season of Veronica Mars! I'm just all kinds of happy n.n

ANNND! My baby got me something from China -- an antique-looking (we're not sure if it really is, probably not because it's made in China, but it's got me fooled) chess set! To those who don't know, I lost my favorite chess set in the fire back in 2005 - so I've been meaning to get a new-cool-one since then. (Can't just buy a $2.50 on from CVS, that's boring.) Thanks babe, I love it! n.n We even played last night (haha, like I said - we're at the same time the boringest and most exciting-adventurous ones in our group of friends.) She beat me, I actually suck at chess, lol.

Thought I'd make a list of the things I would buy if I had more money than I do, this coming after my recent iPod, camera and new laptop purchases of course.

1. Lead dust/Asbestos mask: $16.75 each. I dunno if I ever blogged pictures of it, but the park we've come to nickname "Pat's Park" -- has a hidden underground tunnel, which is blocked off due to Asbestos. This is probably the most real danger of asbestos I've faced in my abandoned building exploration, but I MUST EXPLORE IT! *u* Therefore, a cheap mask is on my list. Unfortunately I expect everyone I go with will need/want one, and not want to buy one for themselves. Cheap asses.

Quote of the Day: This comes from a Star Trek novel I'm reading, "STO: The Needs of the Many" -- (alternate link) a description of one of my favorite characters, Captain Janeway, 's hair from the early seasons...
"The holoimages I had seen of the admiral had me expecting someone with a much sterner manner; certain pictures of Janeway, evidently taken early in her command career, had shown her shoulder-length brown hair gathered into a bun so severe as to make me imagine her ship's barber and chief engineer working together frantically to adjust its tension to prevent it from injuring any innocent by-standers." - (p.104)
Haha, I was all uber-into Star Trek back then, and I remember the Trekkie jokes about Captain Janeway's bun. So I imagine this humor may not hit most people, but I appreciate it.

Video of the Day: Haha, this isn't as good as the Key of Awesome parody -- but it's good in it's own way. I think they overdid the using-fan video segments, and under-did the referencing different parts of the Telephone video.

Quote of the Day:
*Veronica Mars' dad catches her doing something she's not supposed to, all innocent-like*

"Mr. Mars, aren't you supposed to be at the Kiwanis banquet?"
- Veronica Mars (pronounced it Kyu-wanis btw.)

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