Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hand me a Towel, I'm drenched in Vanilla Twilight

Dunno why, but I'm in the mood to bash the band Owl City. I mean, seriously -- all they (he) sing about is stuff he walks past. It only loosely and occasionally rhymes, so I could seriously just sing-talk my walk through the park or a store or anywhere and make it into an Owl City song! Just yesterday, while with Panda and Sarah to confirm that the Abandoned School in Independence, OH is indeed no more, I wrote something about petting a cat so it "raises it's tale" while I walk to the street and check the mail...

Yes folks, unfortunately -- the school is no more. I found it through a tip through Amy's Dad a couple years ago, we got into it on one or two occasions (the two different buildings) and I have some sweet souvenirs -- a map and a textbook. I got Amy the plaque that was the school's credentials as an educational institution.

Panoramic of what used to be a swimming pool

We visited this place after me, Sarah and Panda returned from exploring another abandoned building up in C-town, a Church of indeterminate denomination.

Strange round shape, part of the side is fenced off. There was a pile of marble stairs that reminded me of mom...

Inside, a spare few pew/seats remain.

And outside, a hobo appears to have made his home on a grate that was not at all trustworthy with any weight based on how loose it was.

Well, I'm off to Gamestop to buy Star Trek: Online, get some Chick-fil-A for Lunch, and hopefully change my oil which is like 2,000 miles overdue x_X until next time!

Video of the Day: Haha, while meandering around the internet as I often do, I found this awesome 6-part special on Star Trek: Voyager.

Song of the Day: "Dental Care" by Owl City. This is the song that drove me over the edge, it's about I dunno, his teeth? A trip to the dentist? !WtH?! silly. Just. silly. But on the topic of Owl City, I wiki'ed them, and it turns out their past names have also included "Insect Airport" (my favorite), "Dolphin Park", "Seagull Orchestra"...


Jennifer said...

Dental Care is by far the worst Owl City song. Owl City has a lot of really good stuff though. It's not all just random rhymes; the best songs use imagery and symbolism to convey an emotion rather than being blunt about it.

Sarah said...

Like!- To Jen's comment