Friday, June 18, 2010

Neunundneunzig Luftballons

"A resident of Ansan, [South Korea] near Seoul, reported seeing 40-50 objects resembling parachutes falling on a mountainside.

The military and police mobilized a special joint task force.

Upon investigation, the objects turned out to be helium balloons released by a local school." - (BBC News.)

What a sad place the world is coming to when music about war is art imitated.

Woah, sorry, had a deep moment. I'm back now. So I have a bunch of half-written back-blogs to post that I just have to finish and add aspects to (ie: song of the day, quote, etc.) So today was bad, but is getting better. Woke up at 6 am and realized I slept through my 4-6am shift this morning >( oh well, nothing I can do about it now, emailed my boss and we'll see what happens of it. But I was also planning to do my final project for Human Cultures that was due today at work -- so I quickly started working on that, and finished just before class. Got to class, then it was canceled cause the testing center was closed for the first half of yesterday -- which we had off for testing. I actually went in the afternoon and it wasn't a problem. So class was canceled, went and took the tests again, got my paycheck (University one, crappy-tiny -- need to get back to Censusing!) Anyway. So got Chipotle, then got a call to come into work 2pm-6pm at Honors. So now I'm here.

Wow. The summer conferences on campus are... underwhelming really. The summer staff seems like they barely know what they're doing, I'm not convinced they even go here - lol.

News story of the Day: (LINK) Woah! A new Ohio Supreme Court case has decided that police officers no longer need to use RADAR detectors to determine to pull someone over for a ticket. They can just use their own personal judgement. WTF!? That's dumb. I hope this gets overturned or changed sometime soon.

Video of the Day: haha, this is kinda interesting. A bunch of mosaics from Toy Story 3. Which came out today actually, I need to go see that.

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