Monday, May 31, 2010

Party All the Time

Wow, what an active Memorial Day weekend :D

First, Friday we had Patsy & Ritz' going-away-to-camp party at our house! Which I gotta say, was by far the most successful party this (half of the) house has ever held! Had a good number of people, and I would say the crazy was for the most part well within acceptable tollerances. (at least until I went to bed at 3 something, after which I'm told it got significantly crazier. But I won't blog about things I wasn't present for.) Except that apparently an ambulance was called for a diabetic emergency, and some were up literally all night!? Well, the best thing to come out pretty much was -- oh! And Patsy met her soul mate, a guy who loves Boy Meets World, makes random references to Pokemon, and is getting a job/doing an internship at Disney World!? Ahahaha, oh Patsy. Right, but pretty much the best thing to come out of the night was the discovery that there are MORE "literal music videos" out there! I totally saw the one: Take On Me, but didn't know there were more! The one we considered most funny would def be: Total Eclipse of the Heart. In fact, I declare "Total Eclipse of the Heart (Literal Video Version)" to be my Song of the Day.

Then you have Saturday. Worked the Census, then it was off to Garfield for Kayla's graduation party! Which was awesome, got to see a bunch of cool people I don't see often enough like Meg (though I didn't really get to talk to her), Renata, Kim, and Kayla's awesome family! I heartz them. As her mom put it, "If you go away from a McKay family party hungry, you're DUMB!" or something to that effect, lol. Food was delicious, and we basically sat at a picnic table and just chatted a bunch. Nothing exciting, but it was really cool actually. Then I wanted to help as they started to pack stuff, but Danielle got all crazy-fussy about her "plan" - which consisted of going to the rib cook off. By "The" rib cook off, I mean the second and less popular of the TWO rib cook offs going on in Cuyahoga County that weekend. We gave into Danielle's demands and went to the Cuya County fairgrounds, 5 bucks to get in because despite what Danielle us, it did cost money. Then me and nata bought 13$ metal steins at an "old fashioned pop" stand, where we got unlimited refills. Worth it? Probably not, but it was cool. Then when we left, Danielle had some craziness about medicine and bathrooms I'm not getting into - but the three of us went to Kayla's house for a fire in her back yard which was also alot of fun! :D

Then Sunday, had to Census - errr. To get off Monday (for Memorial Day) we needed to work Sunday. For the federal government. WTF! Well I did it anyway, err. Then Sunday night was Gaga night at the Interbelt, and you know I can't pass up a good Gaga-event.

So our long list of interested people eventually wittled down to Renata, myself, and Panda (and Brit made a last second appearance, and got Shawn/Ryan/Nick (I can never remember his name - that's one person) to come too.) We got there WAAY too early, there was no one there really, so me and nata played pool a couple times while me and Panda had some drinks. Haha, I argued with the two of them about Hairy/Buttery Nipples (the mixed drink.) Apparently, the "Buttery Nipple" is a mixed drink mentioned in the lyrics of "Shots" by LMFAO. "Hairy Nipple" - what I thought the drink was called, but is in fact simply a second drink, who knows where I got it, probably 1-800-BAR-TEND. But we argued about what it was called, and I ordered one for Panda. She hated it, tasted like Toffee. Well, it was Sunday so cover was 3$ (cheaper than I expected :D) and we really only got to reeeally dance the last half hour, other than that it was drag people (who creep me out) singing gaga songs, and me not-winning an iPod :( Me and Panda had an awesome walk to McDonalds afterward though, oooooo good night! Ahahaha, the last half of the night def made up for the more boring early part. We'll plan better next time.

Pictures that make Amanda in particular look flattering!

Then today, Memorial Day, I spent the day in Garfield with the family. Sort'v. Saw Iron Man II with Mom; I know what you're thinking: "But Andrew, you hate Iron Man, and said you wouldn't see that movie!" Well, Mom was otherwise set on seeing "Robin Hood" and after watching the preview on Youtube, I said "um, is there anything else out..." and she said she would LOVE to see Iron Man II Again. Um, again!? Well, if mom's paying... so I saw it, and it really wasn't that bad. Kinda long, cause I had to pee through the second half of it but I hate going to the bathroom during theater-movies. Thing I particularly liked in the movie? The Obama-style poster of Iron Man featured rather prominently. Also Pepper, I find her character entertaining. What I didn't like: I don't know what it is about Robert Downey jr. that annoys me so much, but it does. I just get the impression his characters always portray his real personality. Maybe that's just incredible acting and I'm barking up the total wrong tree and should be complimenting his awesome work, I dunno. I just can't stand when he says thing in a smug way (either in character or not, Tony Stark or Sherlock Holmes...)

Poster available from this website.

After the movie, me and Panda got Yours Truly, then explored a park some. Then the rain went CRAZY and tried to kill us all while I hunted for cheap gas! The ride home to Akron was even crazier, the rain was like CRAZY CRAZY! I hydroplaned half the way. All in all, an awesome Weekend! =D

Quote of the Day: *me and Panda drive up to the Salvation Army bin to drop off two bags of clothes I put together cleaning up my room*

Me: "Hm, I don't think these plastic bags are gonna fit in that bin."
*drive up closer to it. Pause as we both read.*

Both: "Psh, AHahahaha"
Me: "I guess I was wrong."


This post is dedicated to the memory of David I., my bff Danielle's ex-boyfriend and bff Amanda's friend who died Saturday. Though I never met him, I want to send them and all his friends and family my sympathies. And I want my friends to always know I am there for them no matter what they need.

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