Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bored out of my Mind

Wow. Left to my own devices (or rather Sarah's) I sure got bored quickly into Summer. Working the desk AGAIN cause stupid me picked up a bunch of shifts at Summer CA Schedueling when I was worried about my finances. Didn't think about how little time I have with Sarah before she goes to China :( But at the same time, I have like $2,000 in credit debt I defs need to pay down.

Another boring day of Census work, but at least I got to catch up on some sleep. Tonight will be much more fun, somehow, because I don't work Sunday! But Sunday's mother's day, and I want to give mom her gift and we're going to visit Grandpa who's been moved in and out of Intensive Care alot this week. The details of his condition are not known by my branch of the family, Aunts Betty and Mary keep giving us contorted and conflicting details that we don't know what to believe anymore and I don't think Grandpa knows all the details himself.

Working the desk is ridiculous, it's Friday night - there's gotta be like 4 people still here. And the zipcard numbers shut down at 12, so even RA's aren't coming up in the computer - so I have to handwrite EVERYONE. Err. I should be out having fun celebrating school being over. Eh, even if I wasn't working I'd probably still be bored -- Sarah and Brit are partying with Sarah's ex's BFF before he goes to Arkansas apparently. But I'm not jealous or anything.

(Video of the Day: Amanda just txted me to watch this. "Fat Kid Singing Bad Romance." AWWW, Poor Fat kid. Thats funny though, lol. Little boys should not be singing this dressed like that.)

Apparently I have a shift this upcoming Wednesday I forgot about, but luckily I got someone to take it tonight. Tomorrow morning I'll buy a webcam, work less than 5 hours of Censusing (because I'm close to my 40 for the week) and hang out with my boo.

I'm sorry the blogs lately have been so boring. I still intend for these to be the "behind the scenes, special features" of my life -- I just haven't had much interesting going on lately to provide background on. In the next few weeks though, you can look forward to an abandoned building or two, more clubing pics, hopefully I'll get a new digital camera, maybe take a road trip somewhere, and updates on my Summer classes. Okay, rest assured I'll find more exciting to do. If a blogs not exciting, why follow it?!

Upcoming Movie I Have No Urge to see Whatsoever: Iron Man 2. If Sarah wants to see it, I will for her -- but otherwise I am just not interested. Robert Downy jr.'s acting style does not appeal to me at all. He is annoying, and there's alot of actors who do that sort'v-annoying acting that appeals to people (*coughjonnydeppcough*) but it just annoys me. I really can't stand to watch him. And I do not expect big things for the story, I'm betting it's another Transformers II where they knew they had to pack a ton of action into two hours to please movie goers. I don't think movies should ever be considered "going to be the blockbuster hit of summer." Blockbuster hits should be surprises, like Avatar. I really never thought Avatar would be very popular - went and became the best grossing movie in history. Good for you Avatar. Good- For- YOU!

Hahaha, according to the wikipedia article the movie came with a novelization. I think it'd be hilarious if I read that this summer instead of seeing the movie. I may do that, I have quite the optimistic reading list for this summer...

Quotes of the Day: I'm working the desk, and thought it was funny when a persons mom was got a diet Pepsi from the vending machine. "THIS is Diet Pepsi?!" Trying it for the first time. Later when I had to let her into the Elevator lobby: "I do NOT see how people Drink this!"

But for real. Awesome quotes of the day? The whole conversation about my friend B.'s having old-person named-children, like Doris -- which led to her new nickname "Notorious Doris Norris!"

Video of the Day: Haha, this is the guy who sang "Pokemon, What Happened to You" dissecting the lyrics to Telephone! I love it! From the video describing the lyrics: "It's like Lady Gaga's gone, 'Hold up, speak to Beyonce...'"

Song of the Day: Err, I cannot find the song I want to use. Googling is not finding me the songs name, I think it has something to do with neighbors or something? But the lyrics go something like "...think they're better than me." So until I find out the name of this song -- I'll use this song, which I do not like much right now - but it's been called by at least one outlet "the new anthem of summer." So maybe it'll become more popular this summer and'll grow on me?

"California Gurls" by Katy Perry, ft. Snoop Dog. This song is okay. But like I said, it hasn't grown on me yet. But it's more of the anthem to California, in response to and ala "Empire State of Mind." (Here's a link to a youtube video that has the song and lyrics, that first link is to a blog that first introduced it.) And follow the songs popularity on it's Wikipedia page. Apparently it's the first single from Katy Perry's next album - set to release soon (possibly named "Summer Starts Now.") The track list for that CD will likely be:
Just a little bit of interesting, not yet released information (or at least not widely popular yet.)

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Sarah said...

I think it's interesting that somebody feels the need to run across the camera several times in their underwear. lol And on your blog about free running... HELL YEAH its awesome. You didn't seem so impressed when I first showed you the video. Love you banana muffin!!!