Friday, May 7, 2010

Parkour Hannifin

Okay, I admit it -- Sarah has discovered this thing that is "Parkour" (or "Freerunning," depending on how picky you are) and I want to be able to do that! :( That is sooo cool. Long story short, it's like a running-gymnastics where you do crazy flips and things to jump over and around obstacles in modern urban environments. All I keep thinking is "Wow, that'd help me get into Abandoned Buildings WAY easier!" Sarah busted her knee a tad at Kyuhun's going away party, adding that on top of her ACL damage from last year. I'm sure otherwise she would be just as eager to find some kind of class to learn how to do this in!

It was mentioned in a second season episode of Heroes that Monica used it. Her power being she's a "muscle mimic" - or she can recreate any motion she sees without formal training. So by watching a video of parkour (pronounced to rhyme with hardcore - it's French) she was able to perform it to jump in/aroud buildings.

Seriously, been making an effort not to use my free time to go to the park and try to learn all that! A major help to that is the total lack of free time between working the desks or the census :( Work 4p to dunno on Friday afternoon. And then I picked up a shift Friday night 12-4 (DUHRR! Stupid me ><;; But I need moooneeey...) Figured it'd be easy. No one left on campus. But I want to be out hanging with friends. Guess I'll have to wait til Saturday :( :( :( Sigh. Today at work went into the field for NRFU for the first time. Conducted 11 complete interviews. Got a whole binder to do asap. Boring stuff, but others have noted I should get a nice tan. The CLA (Crew Leaders' Assistant) who does not technically outrank me, but I can turn stuff in to in a certain way is a College Freshman whereas I'm a junior. Err. He looks way older than me, wtf -- and is a secondary social studies Education major here at Akron. I'll have to keep an eye out for him now that I'm the College Senator. Video of the Day:

Quote of the Day: While out censusing, I encountered a very elderly woman who couldn't read so I had to read her form for her. When I asked her for her race, listing the options "Black/African-American/Negro" her friend (a polite, also elderly gentleman) mentioned that he:
"Put down Negro on my form. I don't like that "African-American"... I ain't from Africa, don't know anything about Africa..."

Awesome Picture of the Day: A bunch of images from the later-seasons of ALIAS' opening theme.

Song of the Day: "Your Love is My Drug" by Ke$ha. Or as Sarah calls it, "The Jugular song." (She interprets the lyrics, "your love is my drug, your love, your love, your love..." as "your jug- your jug- your jug-ular...") Haha, Ke$ha you're such a love-sick crack head slut. But man are you entertaining, and clearly that's the image you're going for - so salami success to you.

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