Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Assignment: GAGA

Okay. It's time to get out of my rut and go on with my life. When I'm not living each day to the fullest, it just makes me more depressed - so I should be more determined to have fun and be productive!

So some pieces of good news have come my way. First, a Lady Gaga Breaking News Update: Leaked Photo from the Alejandro music video....

Found via a French Gaga fansite. Haha, no music video will reach the awesomeness that was Telephone. I foresee Telephone being the next "Andrew song" in a long line of ridiculous Andrew songs, from Independent Women, Part 1, Milkshake, Cameltoe, Lipgloss, ... ah, its fun to be crazy. And I can't wait for the Three Stooges jokes with those wigs. And note the Gaga cross on the robe-thing she's wearing.

In further Gaga news, (I swear-- soon Gaga will not be the center of all my blog posts. Even I have gotten tired of only ever writing about her.) The Gaga Glee episode is this Tuesday!! So you can imagine where I will be at 9:00p -- that's right, the Rec Center. Where us poor converter-box-less go when there's live TV to be watched! Plus I want to work out some, haven't had much time to lately.

But my summer class is going well. I predict it will be a piece of cake, so far my assessment of the class is all the points come from 3 point essays that we have like every other day. And there 20 points of extra credit opportunities. The teacher seems very nice, and walks with a shillelagh!

I got paid this morning n.n So I just have to fight the urge to spend money until after I pay rent and my credit card bills, SUCH A HARD URGE TO FIGHT ><;; But I don't want to be poor. Ugh, working the Census more this afternoon- but woohoo, almost done with this assignment (last assignment I took 10 days, this one I've finished all but 3/33 in like 7 hours...) Best part of the day was the brief period I got to talk to my babe on AIM. :( it sounds like her internet connection is no longer active, darn it. Still gotta get my labtop fixed too.

Quote of the Day:
"That Powerpuff Girls show is crazy, little kids shouldn't be watchin that shit. The Gangrene Gang, and Chemical X, and (other adult reference....) ...Mojo JoJo!" - Kelley R.
"Mojo Jojo, like from Powerpuff Girls!" - Danielle

Lol, oh Danielle. That was funny, a group of us went to Don Tequila's for some kind of Happy Hour I think? I dunno, I didn't partake in the goblets of margarita Moon, Kelley and Panda got to enjoy.

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