Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inheritance = Drama

I miss Sarah! :"( I'm so bored without her, even doing nothing is more fun when she's around. And lately I've been doing less than nothing - it's been class, work, sleep all week. I have done practically nothing fun all week and all I have to show for it is a little extra spending cash, which I can't spend! Cause I have to save up for a security deposit. Sigh.

So grandpa passed away over a week ago. I don't think I'll go into funeral details, but it was very sweet and appropriate and I am glad we were able to honor his memory in the way he wanted at his funeral. And I am again incredibly thankful to the awesome super-fantastic friends that were able to make it. But now I think I'll share some family drama because it's just so darned entertaining.

Firstly, Aunt Betty mentioned to us that we'd be taking a limo from the church the funeral was held at to the cemetery. The day of the funeral, she mentioned how her "car was so low on gas, she didn't want to go refill it cause of the rain. Would it be alright if she too rode in the limo?" wtF? Why come up with a so-clearly contrived story. You set up the limo, there's room for 7 and we are 5 -- it's fine. Not to mention you organized the whole funeral proceedings. Jesus.

Then on the ride there there was an interesting note. Apparently, some advertising company was interested in getting the guest sign-in condolence book. It's their main source of advertising or something -- I didn't really get it. But I got to hear my family talk as a family about having to protect the book and "we won't let them get the book." n.n for a split second I had the feeling that my family had it's own little Book of Shadows to protect. It was a nice feeling.

The ride back was far more stressful. Me, Mom and Dave sat in the back row (imagine a rowed set up rather than a traditional around-the-edge limo) and were silent the whole way there and back, for the most part. Aunt Betty and Aunt Mary on the other hand found *Everything* under the sun to talk about, most of it not particularly somber or scene appropriate. When the conversation of inheritance came up (which I'd wished it hadn't until after that day) Aunt Betty noted that there's a large inheritance that must be split evenly between Aunt Mary and Mom, because everything grandpa left is to be split evenly between them.

Aunt Betty noted to me "you won't have to worry about paying for school, that's for sure" though I'm not certain how much or what that means. I'm worrying about paying for school right now with FASFA, so the sooner the better Aunt Betty. The initial topic starter was actually Grandpa's house, which Aunt Betty suggested mom try to buy out Aunt Mary's portion of it. "You have more than enough to buy Aunt Mary's half!" So apparently mom is inheriting more than half a pretty good-house's cost. Good, considering our slight homeless issue. The problem came with Grandpa's car: Aunt Mary and Uncle Dan want it, and already had their eyes on it. They already were planning to test run it to keep the battery active (?) or something. Well, when mom suggested she wanted it (cause her car sucks) - Aunt Mary got all defensive. Aunt Betty then said something troubling: "You can each get a car." Which makes me think she thinks MY CAR is in play somehow. Well, that will be settled eventually I'll keep you updated -- but they better not try to use my car as a bargaining chip. At this point we all agree it is not the time for that conversation.

Now it's Friday: I work 4am-6am at Exchange. Mom calls me at 6am. "Mom... did you know I was working 4-6am this morning? Do you know my work schedule?" I didn't think she did. "No. I just figured you might be up." Really mom? At 6am on a Friday in Summer? What about anything in what strange logic made you think that? UGGGGH Great start to the day. She wanted me to contact grandpa's pastor about having a grief counseling session with David because he spent the night at his friends house. !? Big whoop, he spends 4 nights a week at friends' houses. Add to that I needed to get my paycheck, cash it, contact the source, ,take care of other matters, and get a haircut. And attend summer class. Somehow I got everything I needed to get done between noon and 1. Go Me!

But mom updated me on the inheritance talks. Aunt Betty is under the weather so postponed them, and Aunt Mary is worried about my involvement. As mom put it: "With grandpa passed on, you are the sole member of this family with any sanity or intelligence." Apparently, what I thought was Aunt Mary's anger at me being involved and trying to take all of grandpas money was actually her angry about Aunt Betty secretly taking part of grandpa inheritance and keeping it from both of them. "But also you." Mom noted. Their worried about my ability to change things in my favor. And they should be, to an extent. They certainly won't be dealing with the push-over mom they were expecting, if they want a fight they've got one and I'm a match for them.

Well, that's where we're at now. Also some craziness where David thought he was going to have to buy a store, but luckily I fixed that too in my free time. Oh being wonder-me. So exhausting.

Song of the Day: "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City, dedicated to by babe who's out in China without me.
"The stars lean down to kiss you,
And I lie awake I miss you,
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly,
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'll send a postcard to you dear,
Cause I wish you were here..."

Video of the Day: Also in regards to Owl City, Key of Awesome made a hilarious parody of "Fire Flies".

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