Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kyuhun's Going Away Party

Saturday night we had a going-away party for Kyuhun, who this week is returning to Korea! =( Even decorated Sarah's house, we put the South Korean flag on the one blank wall in the living room and had a diplomatic table flag for the kitchen! Fabio's thought-board even said "Good Bye Kyuhun!" in Korean. Attendance wasn't as unmanageable as the Halloween or Gaga party, but it was just the right number of relatively big I think! :)

"Once you kill the cow, you gotta make a burger."

We had a big cookout before the party with slow-cooked barbecue chicken, scalloped potatoes, and macaroni and cheese - mmm. Some korean friends of Kyuhun's and Van der Kamp's from Kent stopped by, and taught some people Korean dances - lol. It was like a cultural exchange!

Also, a person invited by a person that was invited through another person (?) mentioned to me (after trying to steal some of my drinks...) that he parties and drinks with my brother (!!WHAT?!) and showed me a picture of my brother in a Sailor hat. So I took a picture of it on my phone, and txt'ed it to David with the caption: "I know." He replied just with "What?"

The fun and games (which was quite fun) included the new "Five jive" waterfall rule - where you have to add to a dance. When it came to me (followed by brit) I of course had to add the Telephone shake. Brit appreciated it. I also got to practice my Japanese with one of the Koreans that knew Japanese. And they tried to teach me how to say "What is your name?" but I forgot it everytime they said it.

Sarah tried to swing like a monkey of some type from the banisters, and fell on her ACL wound. After carrying her to rest up on her bed and getting her some ice, I fell asleep and missed any further hilarity at the party. Rumor is Danielle peed in the bathtub again, pissed off Amanda (safe to say "again"), and not sure what else. So overall, another successful Sarah's-house-party!

On a more somber note, mom called me Friday noting that she didn't want to tell me because of finals week - but Grandpa is at Akron General hospital with pneumonia. He was having trouble breathing last Wednesday. I've been visiting him as much as possible, and I pray he gets better as soon as possible. I love grandpa and want him to live many more years, to see me graduate college, get elected, have some grandbabies, get married (not in this order) etc. So PLEASE get better soon Grandpa! I love him so much, he's been the nicest person to me and our family ever.

Link of the Day: Transcript of this weekend's White House Press Association dinner. A dinner where the President traditionally pokes fun at himself and his opponents, even the Bush ones were pretty entertaining.

Song of the Day: "Hey Soul Sista" by Train.

Quote of the Day: Haha, Sarah noted the number of shoes on the ground. And I suggested we arrange them into some pattern and see if the more people that come add to it. Sarah chose a person, or more accurately, Kyuhun.

Patsy: "So, it's Shoe-hun?"

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Patsy said...

I will be praying for your Grandpa!