Thursday, May 6, 2010

That Was Quick

Huh. My finals week is over before I even knew it. I had my Japanese final on Tuesday morning (it went... eh. If I want to have a prayer in Japanese 201 next semester I'd better study ALOT this summer.) And with my Macro final last Thursday, and most of my Ed classes didn't have "traditional" finals -- one was email in answers to five questions the teacher asked on the first day, and another was "participate in a class discussion on being a teacher." So yay for a light finals week which is over, even if I didn't do too well on Macro or Japanese. Eghhh.

(Book for next sem of Japanese. Remarkable prices:
Amazon new, 48$
Amazon, used: 62$ (wtf?)
Random Used Book Site: 36$
Better World Books: 134$
Yeah. Screw you Better World Books.)

The rest of my spare time this week has been reserved for Census training. Now that "GQE" (Group Quarters Enumeration) is complete, we're moving on to NRFU ("Nar-Fu") or Non-Response Follow-Up. AKA: I go after the people who didn't turn their forms in! Training went really well, and we had a young and entertaining (some would say, Sassy) instructor. Only problem is training was short, she taught so quickly (and effectively) we went home really early all three days and didn't get the highest number of hours we could have. I dunno how, but the other training sites actually had issues finishing on time - and we were light years ahead of them according to my friend in one of them.
RANDOM News story of the Day: "Chicago Census Takers told to 'Work Slow'" -- (April) Due to a shortage of packets, Chicago Census enumerators were told to work slowly to... blah blah blah. If you want the details read the article yourself. What I find important is that Enumerators in Chicago are paid $18.25 an hour! WTF!? Akron Census workers are paid much less, though still comfortably above minimum wage.

(Insider Scoop: Office Workers, because they have set hours (ie: 9-5) are paid less than Enumerators (who go out in the field and are subject to 'harsher conditions.' This is info we are not supposed to mention to office workers because they may not know. Particularly during the week we were working the Office on Enumerator pay...)

Will I get fired for revealing this? I don't believe so, it doesn't appear to be confidential information, just info that may be rude to tell to their face. I know at K-Mart Kim was strictly forbidden from discussing how much they were paid, especially when Ross worked there because they were being paid differently for different jobs. But that's not really related to anything.
I did however have to come in late Tuesday because my Japanese final ran into training. And after I got back from training so ridiculously early (I think it was 12:45 that day...) had lunch with Ritz and Patsy at Cilantro's downtown, which was cool. I'm not actually a big fan of Cilantro's -- I much prefer cheap greasy Chinese food. And what is it with Asian restaurants forgetting my drink order this week? That happened on Tuesday AND Wednesday!!! (Wednesday went to House of Hunan, which I like WAY better than Cilantro's. Both are over priced though, but the food is way better at HoH than Cil. And we went on half-priced sushi day!) Saw my Japanese teacher (likely) leaving Cilantro's -- haha, waved to her but she really awkwardly waved back and moved on. Which leads me to...

Quote of the Day:
"She probably thinks its awkward to see a student outside of class." - Me
"She probably thinks awkward, that's the boy that failed my test..." - Patsy

Video of the Day: This is the most hilarious thing EVER. That is all I can say. Brit told me about this, and I am still laughing. I am probably gonna watch this a dozen times at the desk tonight... (*note, this actually happened Thursday night.)

It really reminds me of the "I Gotta Feeling" video the Canadians did. Cause we follow someone's face the whole time if ya know what I mean.

Song of the Day: "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars. I heard a remix of this in the car on the way into work. I really like it! It's pretty catchy. And the lyrics are kinda funny, I originally thought it was Jason Mraz for some reason, maybe combined with Gym Class Heroes. It's not. And ya know what? I wanna be a billionaire. Chorus (from lyrics):

"I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had

Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine

Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

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