Saturday, June 27, 2009

Starbucks in Korea, the Plane Ride

Andrew's log, Korea, Saturday June 27th - Day 01.

I am presently in a Starbucks at Seoul Gimpo airport, enjoying an "iced orange black" (i presume tea.) Though they have free wifi, you need to be a Korean citizen (and have a draft registration number...) to access it. The trip here so far has been largely stressless, thank God. (P.S. The American song "can you believe, they put a man on the moon..." is playing. In English. How odd.)

Delta Airlines was average by all measures. Korean Airlines was very hospitable, as Mrs. Marx said they would be! The touchscreen built into my seat was kind of annoying, but I was glad it existed at all for my 13 hour plane ride from Atlanta to Seoul Incheon! During those 13 hours, I slept for 2 hours, had two meals (Chicken and Beef, the chicken came with a side of sushi I tried and did not like.) Haha, I was totally offered wine but declined. During the trip I watched (in entirety) Taken, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bride Wars, and Yes Man. Other options I didn't watch, but may on the way back: The International, Bolt, and Caroline. So yay for catching up on movies I wasn't interested enough to see in theaters but would rent one day! And the Korean lady next to me was very nice (no menopause woman like last time.) and helped me fill out some immigration forms.

OMG! I'm the first DeF. to go to Asia this millenium n.n I think Grandpa DeF. went there in the 50's. And Grandpa Chv. was here in the 50s too. Wow, Asia, its so cool! I was thinking on the train from Seoul Incheon to Seoul Gimpo (as Megan called it, the "Seoul-train!") how many things will be different. I can't wait to talk to my roommates about accents, customs, how even the average bird is going to be completely different species compared to the American Robin we see all the time in Ohio. (A species I've come to think of as "generic bird that's not a pidgeon.") It's also very mountainous here. And even the trees are a different style, very long thin leaves rather than the maple/elm style abundant in America!

In regards to time travel, I am 13 hours ahead of Garfield/Akron/etc. So it is 6:15 PM Saturday here, but it is 5:15 AM Saturday in Garfield. So just add 12 (change the M) to Garfield time, and then add one more hour. Simple enough.

I've already encountered the Asian Hannah Montana and Katy Perry, photos to follow.

I miss everyone! And I hope I find a converter for my labtop charger, like my phone came with, otherwise it may become difficult to post anything... ever.

End log. 5:27 AM, Garfield timeframe.

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