Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sorry James, my new middle name is ADVENTURE

Woo! So I'd been hoping to devote a road trip to another pseudo-major city in Ohio for abandone buildings, particularly one that had many on websites like Illicit Ohio or the No Tresspassing one - and when Sarah wanted to go on such a road trip, Youngstown seemed like a great idea! Especially since rather than one abandoned building, they had a whole abandoned military base!

On top of getting a late start, it took us quite a while to find the place! We saw a bunch of apparently abandoned steel factories, and any other kind of establishment you can imagine in "The Incredible Shrinking City." One gas station tried directing us to the Ravenna Arsenal, but that turned out to not be it (and be much more heavily guarded than I would want to try to break into. It had a tank!) But after hours of searching, we found it! But had to find a good place to park, a closed car repair shop with a near-full lot was perfect cover! After the hike up a hill (I removed my sunshine yellow polo because I was visible even to low flying aircraft) we found it!

Alot of hallways like this, delapedated. But AWESOME!
More delapedation, the roofs and flooring in none of the buildings were particularly trust worthy. A building or two even had clear sagging and caved in floors that we explored quickly and hopped out.

The websites I'd found and my personal opinion says the base consisted (or at least does today of) 2 classroom buildings (identical), 2 baracks (identical), a kitchen/lunchroom building (seen above), a garage, and 3-6 other buildings of unknown purpose.

Building of unknown purpose -- I like how the thing on top looks like the Star Trek ships' shuttlebay control room. (Seen here sortof.) Also that funny table with a bunch of drawers (a repair shop or engineering room of some sort?) had a bunch of moss growing on it that made it kind of look like a natural model trainset landscape. Haha, I dunno, when it came to trainsets the trains were never as interesting to me as the little houses and trees and mountains and whatnot.

Moving on, here we see the barracks from the outside (look very M*A*S*H*-like.) The inside of one had old fashiond, but relativly preserved chairs (likely put there recently.)

In other News: I took David driving today! He wasn't great, but it was his literally first time. I noticed he tended to want to drive like it was a go-cart, hands at ten and two and never letting go of that position, which dramatically restricts your movements. Ugh, he will learn to drive in August when I get back. And he better have a job by then too.

Song of the Day:
"Ring-a-Ling", Black Eyed Peas. Most of the lyrics to the song are "ring-a-ling" (I know, big surprise from the people who brought you My Humps...) but it took me a dozen times hearing the song to realize it's about a midnight booty call - lol. Early in the song there's this weird chipmunk-esque voice with an entertaining line that's hard to transcribe. But yeah, that's almost all the B.E.P.'s songs from this CD I can stand. "You don't wanna have sex with me? Then why you keep txt'in me..."

Oh darn! I had that song playing on iTunes, and another song from that album I love just came up. Nah, I'll save it for tomorrow. Sorry people who are tired of the B. Eyed Peas.

Quote of the Day:
Hung with Cassie, Moon, and Matt tonight - Cassie has a phrase she likes using "C*ntalaneous moth*r f**ker." While Moon was trying to say something about it, she said:
"Cu*talicious" - Moon
"So delicious!" - Me
"But, she ain't promiscuous!" - Cassie

Korean Countdown: Something like 3 days til I leave! My trip will take me to Georgia, then to Korea; my return trip is through Los Angelous [LAX]. Unfortunatly, the Japanese portion had to be cut for cost.

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