Saturday, June 20, 2009

Go out and smash it, Like Oh My Gawd...

Woo, so for some reason I was up till like 6:30 -- but my insomnia finally got me to clean my room significantly. So the other day I did some preliminary explorations around various places - abandoned paint store in Garfield, abandoned school and house in Garfield, etc. So I haven't actually gone in any of these, but am considering in the future.

Here we have the abandoned school by Dan's house on the outskirts of Garfield Heights, in the ghetto-est part of the city. Lol, I actually didn't compute that this school existed where it did. My mom actually worked here very briefly in the 1990's as an office clerk. All I really remember is that she taught a bunch of hoodlums to make paper airplanes and she felt accomplished.

Another thing that never computed: a former school in Garfield was named after one of my two favorite Presidents! OMG! *u* Likely Franklin D., as it was built in 1960. Still, reminds me of a scene from Star Trek where they time travel back in time and find the U.S. Naval vessel with the same name as their ship, and they're like "Oh, and sir, the ship, it is the Enterprise..."

The inside is in pretty good condition, even the windows are almost all there and complete. Getting in would be difficult without damage, and the Urbanite motto is "Take only pictures, Leave only footprints..." So I'll have to scheme my way inside another day. Dan says the place is filled with Rats anyway.
A peek inside (glare unavoidable, this was the only pic that actually came out with the inside visible.) My last camera had a focus setting where you could have the focus set at so many meters, and anything between would almost be invisible. I haven't found that setting on this camera yet.The back of the school. A kid was playing on the basketball court when I got there, after I appeared he left pretty quickly. And that was my day trip alone to Roosevelt School in Garfield Heights, Ohio. It later became a Community Center apparently before ultimately closing. (Just had to include those keywords in case someone googles "Roosevelt School Garfield...")

So the agenda for today includes buying some fireworks "that we will then proceed to take directly to the Pennsylvania border and shoot off there, we have no intention of shooting them off in the state of Ohio, because that is illegal and I would not want to break the law." Then stopping at a friends random summer party, and hopefully exploring something abandoned -- I better come up with an idea quick actually, I'm running out of time. Maybe we'll try the first castle again. Oh well, I'll try to update this tomorrow with pix of whatever I do.

Countdown to Korea: I leave in like, 6 days! HOLY COW! I'm totally like leaving the country, and gonna be on a plane for 21 hours. What will I do with myself.

Awesome trivia of the Day: Katy Perry's pet cat's name: Kitty Purry.

Song of the Day: "Now Generation" by the Black Eyed Peas. AWESOME song! For some reason when I first heard this somewhere else I thought it was about the 90's, but on closer inspection its just a good song about the Now Generation (us) wanting everything right away and instant gratification (which is sooo true.) I think about this occasionally, I'm so impatient. But anyway, good song, and one line in particular entertained me - lol.
"...Really quick like torpedo
Need for speed is my credo
You need to feed this negrito
Sender, buyer, brother boat
Rapid like a thunder bolt
Activated rock the boat
Just ask Barack, who brought the hope
To Now!..."

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