Monday, June 15, 2009

Abandoned Pregnant Girls School

Well this exploration was a little bit ago, but we've been going to this abandoned school for years! For some reason I've never brought a camera with me :( but this summer I was determined to change that in case Village Council decided to vote to demolish/sell it to the Cleveland Clinic. Danielle is actually interested in buying it - lol, and research indicates it would cost about 2 million, and 5 million to renovate. That seems a bit extreme, I could do it for 1 million I bet! Credit where credit is due: this abandoned building was discovered not by me, but by my and Amanda's friend Amy - who's awesome! I need to see her before I leave and get some starbux.

The school is actually two (or three) buildings. This is the classrooms buildings, primarily destroyed by fire in the early 2000s.
"Built By
Construction, Inc.

Staircase, fire damage.Classroom, fire and water damage. On the left you can see where the chalkboard used to be. The right wall looks very Silent Hill-y.

And from the dormitory building, this is a basement/heating room thing.

Quote of the Day: So we have these carpenter bee's eating away at the roof of the porch. Mom called me in the middle of the day to tell me "they do exist!" ...??? wtf. She then, when I got home, said she had a chat with a co-worker on how to get rid of them...
Mom: "Andrew, when you get a chance, search on the internet how to get rid of carpenter bees."
Me: [blank stare] "I've been trying to kill them for years mom, I know to google them..."
Mom: "Well, I tried getting tips from Jane but all she said was "fire" and "night."
Me: [more blank stare] "Well we're gonna need more clues than that to solve the family secret...!"
Song of the Day: "Summer Girls" by LFO - lol, so like the first week of summer I heard this song on the Top-40ish radio stations I listen to like 3 seperate times, and never having heard the song I assumed it was a new song - which I liked. But then I asked Amanda about it, and she's like "um, no, that's really old." Then I found it on the iPod and was convinced. But it's still a good song. "When I met you I said my name was Rich, I like girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch..." really, best you could come up with?

Hahaha! I just watched the video to this, and it is hilariously 90's. I didn't know it was THAT old! Haha, LFO btw stands for "Lyte [sic] Funky Ones".

Song of Yesterday: "Goodbye" by Kristinia DeBarge. "I got that new 'I'm a single girl'-swag,..." Haha, favorite part. Apparently "swag/swagger" is the word of 2009 - it's in like every song. (Black Eyed Pea's Boom Boom Pow: "They jackin my style, they try to copy my swagga',...")

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