Thursday, June 11, 2009

Travels Across Ohio

So to those not in the know, mom/grandpa/I (in a strange ownership circle) are now the temporary/long story proud owners of a 2009 White Toyota Yaris. Bought it with 70 miles on it, this morning I put my 1,700th (I've had it a little over a week or two.) But until I leave for Korea, the car's mine :D so the other day I did some traveling across Ohio, and found two abandoned buildings. Thought I'd put some explorations on here.

Well, I'm reminded of one instance last year camping with Brit and Sarah, when I wanted to explore an abandoned house on the side of the road in the middle of no where but it wasn't a good idea. So I was driving past these two buildings - across the street from each other - then decided to turn around and check them out.

Here we have a barn thing. Falling apart, apparently abandoned, it was in the middle of no-where Southern Ohio, down the road from a cement/sand plant kinda place.

The inside was pretty basic what I expect out of an old abandoned barn. After this exploration happened, I went driving around Medina county with Amanda -- and she noted that "every barn looks abandoned, most of them aren't." It smelled like a chicken coop, though I ran into no animals. And note the giant tires.

Across the street is this old house, which apparently had a fire based on some scorch marks left on its frame. The floor (and walls) of the building have clearly been destructed.

Yeah, didn't want to go down into this cause I was wearing my nice "Laser Lemon" shirt and didn't want to get it dirty, or fall. Note the fireplace.

Quotes of the General Time period:
"I've got the urge... to merge!" - Amanda, while practicing driving. One of my summer goals has been to get her her license. Speaking of, David got his temps the other day.

Song of the Day: In other news, Amanda gave me 3 CD's to honor the fact she bought 100 for 15$ and that I now have a car I must fill with music. The "Stuff is Messed Up" song is off of one of them. Another song I heard for the first time that I liked off one of them is "Smile" by Lily Allen.
"At first when I see you cry, it make me smi-i-i-ile...
At worst, I feel bad for a while, but then I just smi-i-i-ile..."
Song of the Other Day: "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry -- in SIMlish! That's right, the non-senseical language used by the Sims. The Sims people have actually gotten several real performers to redo hits in Simlish - including the Black Eyed Peas. Me and Brittany have found the Simlish version hilarious, I love it! I even went on an internet scanvenger hunt to find what the lyrics are.At first, I found nothing :( but then I found someone who put what they thought the lyrics were to video -- but unfortunatly they were German, so the lyrics were all with weird accents. Then I found the Official Katy Perry Forums. That included a link to her "vidmeo" (I think a video form of Twitter) which included a video of her showing the lyrics SIMS sent her to the camera! Also a brief rant about annoying people calling her a lesbian and her appearance on Young and the Restless. Producing the screen cap above, from which my eagle-Star Trek eyes were able to discern the lyrics as the follwing:


Mike said...

So that's so much awesome. And I can totally see you writing a book on abandoned stuff some day. lol

You just heard Smile? It's been out for years. Great song.

And vimeo is basically youtube but designed to be a a social network as well. Yay Web 2.0!

Mike said...

Oh,and hey, I just got my temps again the other week! Mom wants me to look up driving schools because she won't teach me. ha.